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C & C Corojo Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, November 6, 2012
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C & C Corojo Robusto Cigar Review

This 5×50 stick features a dark brown smooth paper bag textured wrapper with a firm slightly lumpy pack, small veins, tight seams, double cap and musty earth aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with plentiful medium bodied smoke production showing flavors of a metallic zing, deep earth and a long tingly finish with a bit of a bitterness. The first third is pretty much the same, only the finish getting longer and adding a bit of pepper. 45 minutes in starting the last third, so far no changes, it’s quite a consistent cigar. Ending at 55 minutes where the last inch got very squishy and hot, the last bit showed no changes at all. Thank you you C&C Cigars for providing this for review!

  • Larsy

    R.I.P. Xikar soft flame

  • E

    Had the same problem with my Crossover but turned out it just needed adjusted. Unscrewed the cap, turned the knob up a little more and it was good as new. The caps are only held on with the one tiny screw (like the EX) and mine happened to get loose somehow and wasn’t catching the actual adjustment knob underneath.

    Give that a try, or if you’re really not wanting to take it apart again then just send it back to them. Xikar’s lifetime warranty can be quite the perk.

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