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Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve HMR Churchill $750 Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, August 7, 2015
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This $750 7.5×52 stick features a dark tan wrapper with slight stretch marks, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, large double cap soft even pack and rich sweet cocoa aroma much like Patron XO. First light reveals a great draw with plentiful mild-medium artificially sweet cocoa notes and a short smooth creamy finish. The first third shows much the same profile just turning down the sweetness. The smoke is definitely soft, mild and creamy on the draw while the finish gets longer. The 2nd third transitions slowly keeping the same core but adding a mild salty roasted nut to the draw although it was fleeting for just 15 minutes. The finish stays very smooth with an additional oily spice lingering on the lips. Burn is perfect and it hits the band point around the hour mark. Ending at 1:05 the last bit turned very warm, dropping all the infused flavors just leaving the zingy nuttiness through the draw and finish.

  • Shane

    the cap you cut off is worth more than most cigars you review!

  • stephen morochnick

    Do you get a discount if you buy a box?

    • Bruno J. Cerri

      I just looked, a box of 20…….$7,500.00!!!! Retails at $15,000.00! So I guess buying a box is $6,000.00 discount lol

      • …and that’s why you are not my accountant 😉

        • Bruno J. Cerri

          HAHA! Yeah no kidding and math is not my strong suit either! I probably will end up buying one just to say I have one. To smoke this bad boy would have to be one hell of a special occasion to light it up. And thanks to you Bryan, I am beginning to taste flavors more. So I would want my palate to be at par before I decide to ever smoke this stogie lol. Keep on it brother! You’re awesome!

  • Ken S

    I gave up on Gurkha, it’s always a crapshoot to see if it’s going to burn right.

  • smokethis

    For that ridiculous price someone from Gurkha should’ve shown up to cut it, light it and ash it for you.

  • charlie

    Looks like K. Hansotia is getting nervous because I see these going for $100-200…what a rip off, now Gurkha put out a $2000 cigar at IPCPR 2015…this dude is trying to make boat loads of $ off of Russian oil tycoons. Halfwheel gave this cigar a low 70 ahahahah

  • Todd Tyszka

    I have a box for sale if anyone is interested. Email me at todd@cigarevaluations.com.

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