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El Rey Del Mundo Robusto Larga Oscuro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 27, 2013
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El Rey Del Mundo Robusto Larga Oscuro Cigar Review

This 6×54 stick features a unique tissue paper wrap with the band over top, covering the almost black, satin finished wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, double cap and very musty soil aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with ok smoke output showing medium bodied flavors of a smooth deep sweet tobacco with a short finish. The first third comes through with a smooth sweet grassy note, while the finish gets lighter and stays short & clean. 10 minutes in, the whole thing stopped giving off smoke, draw was poor and the burn terrible. The thing was hot and squishy 1/2 way down already so i stopped and tore it open to find severe tunneling and very, very poor filler construction with many scrap bits and stems throughout. Save your money. Thank you very much to viewer John Carey for sending this in!

  • MorganGeo

    LOL, I couldn’t help but laugh at the last little bit of the video. There nothing worse than sitting down ready for a good smoke and having those type of problems.

  • TimB

    LOL,well that is a first and it shows that not all cigars have quality construction.Maybe it was just a bad one?

    • Who knows. Sure, maybe there was one rogue roller who decided to use floor scraps that day. All I know is, there are 1000 other cigars out there right now and I have no time to think about bad ones 🙂

      • TimB

        Yep you got that right!

        • Jason Isbaner

          Amen to that! Funny video though

          • AngSolo

            I agree with Bryan perhaps the roller decided to just be an ass for a day. Unfortunately it ruins the image for the company. I did some looking around and some people love this cigar and one of the company’s cigars rated 91 in Ciagr Aficionado (not that, that really means anything) Don’t they test cigars with a draw master to ensure quality before putting on the cap? I would think the factories could afford that to ensure a good reputation.

      • smokethis

        ROFL. A rouge roller. Floor scraps! It sure looked like it!

      • MaxDuo

        What a shame. Seemed to have a promising start with the scent. Was a nice looking cigar on the outside… But the inside…hmmm.


  • Boucher207

    I had a Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve that stopped smoking on my 3 times, very poor construction, im hoping this was just a fluke because the taste was great!

    • Boucher207

      I was quite upset becuase people rave about that cigar around here.

  • Boucher207

    Bryan, will you be putting up another review today?

    • No why

      • Boucher207

        No reason, just curious since this cigar was a complete flop. haha

        • As I said in the vid – this is going up in between normal slots. Regular schedule is tomorrow.

          • Boucher207

            Ahh i gotchya. Very amusing vid though haha

  • smokethis

    We used to smoke El Reys back in th late 1990’s in LA. We thought they were cool with the paper. Have not had one in years.

  • garlar10

    Always bitter sweet taking apart a cigar. Its cool to see what is in side but its a total waste of a cigar as well. Thanks for another great review!

    • garlar10

      also, the fake cohiba comment was pretty brutal, haha

      • Craig

        I intentionally bought some fake Cohiba’s last year when in Cancun. I wanted to take a couple of them apart. They actually tasted pretty good. But nothing like a real Cohiba.

  • AngSolo

    I had read about someone who claimed to have found a cigarette filter in a reputable brand name cigar and on another occassion a piece of gum. Gonna have to learn to roll my own hehehe

    • jpculp57

      The last, and I mean last, Gurkha I ever smoked had a moth rolled inside it with a bunch of short filler. I sent pictures of it to Gurkha and they never responded. I can tell the moth was not from a tobacco worm because it was smashed and rolled up inside with a “nest” of short filler around it. I’m glad the stupid thing cracked while I was lighting it or I’d have never known the moth was in there and would have smoked it.

      • Mr Rojas

        Wow, a moth? Geesh, makes me wonder about those weird 5 minutes or so I get in flavors sometimes while smoking a cigar.

      • zzpop102

        That is so nasty!! I would freak out if I saw that in a cigar I was smoking.

      • Dylan

        What Gurkha was it? was it a lower level or was it a full on gurkha gurkha?

      • smokethis

        A MOTH?! OMG. That is brutal.lol

      • JJO

        I guess they should quit aging their tobacco in Grandma’s attic. The last Gurkha I smoked completely unraveled on me, and it wasn’t a cheap one. Good thing it was the unwanted part of an otherwise great sampler and I wasn’t expecting much from it.

      • david121

        dude that’s disgusting. thanks for making me paranoid now :/

  • ryan b

    Wow what a dud

  • ssrobbi

    That’s terrible. I hope they didn’t send you that stick 😛 They’ll be sorely disappointed. But it’s ridiculous to make construction mistakes like this, there’s nothing more frustrating than a poorly constructed tunneling cigar.

  • CigarStrawn

    What a shame! The cigar sounded good for the first couple of seconds. :-p

  • NeverTwoOld

    This video is a prime example of why I keep coming here. You don’t just smoke and give a simple review. I found myself having questions along the way and lo and behold you were answering them them right along with them being asked to my screen 🙂 That “little extra” is what sets you apart from the middle of the pack.
    Too bad about the construction…your lead in had me all excited. I absolutely love the smell you were describing at the beginning.

  • yosef5

    I used to smoke theze in the past.Now I do not want to smoke these again Thankz for this review

  • Romel

    That’s upsetting. It sucks that you wasted your time on that cigar. At lease we got to 101 on cigars today lol. Win some lose some, huh. I have one of those in my humidor and now im not even looking forward to smoking it.

  • Walshy

    Wow what a crappy cigar. I think I saw those at my b&m. They are very cheap, like 2.50 or $3. And yes they are way down on the floor. They don’t even get a spot on the shelf. Very entertaining review Bryan. Had me laughing at the end.

  • dbfr181

    Wow !! Thanks for that review I WILL NOT be buying that stick!!

  • ucs.greg

    Interesting review. I won’t spend money on that one.

  • vscarpine

    Funny vid…guess it happens from time to time

  • Tommz81

    Bryan, I’m glad you post these reviews. Gives people an idea of the crap cigars out there.

  • sawfam

    Another example of more $ & time being spent on creating marketing gimmicks like the tissue paper rather than focusing on producing a superior product. I’d rather have a plain looking stick w/o a band that tasted and smoked wonderfully than some “fancy boy” looking stick that peetered out 1/2 way down.

    Keep em’ coming….

    BTW, love the HLO site as well….

  • phillyb

    Yuck. I’m pleased to say I have yet to have an experience like this and I now will avoid this brand. Thanks!

  • juf100

    This confirms my totally abnormal fear of tissue wrapped cigars….

  • weimerad

    I had the same problem with this label not too long ago

  • Kalven

    That company doesn’t know when to say: “Send these leftovers to the cigarette maker”

  • Jared

    (Taking notes…) “Ok, don’t unwrap the burning end. Got it.” Hahaha! Except for the obvious disappointment, that was funny. Ford Motor Co workers would call that a “Friday cigar”, because it probably got thrown together on Friday when that roller was already thinking about getting out the door. Too bad, because it sure sounded like it was starting off to be something good.

  • Brandonsr81

    I’ve had a couple of AB Prensados Churchills do that to me in the past, I just cut them into a Robusto size and then smoked them. Everything worked out for me after that.

  • samgiroux42

    That explains the fancy wrapper and such. It much be the only way to sell them since they appear to be horrible in the end. Look great on the shelf, but not in the mouth.

  • ctigers15

    Those looked interesting until the review. Looked like you enjoyed taking it apart.

    • drewmcneice

      lol I’ve always wanted to just take apart a cigar haha. Haven’t come across one like this though…

  • Mr Rojas

    They try and fancy up a cigar with nice gift wrap, but the gift is crappy! Hahaha

  • Well, you win some you lose some. Glad you didn’t waste any more time trying to finish that garbage stick. Hopefully the brand serves you better in the future (if the opportunity arises).

  • drewmcneice

    this review started out so well. I’ve only seen one other review where Bryan “deconstructed” the cigar lol.

  • JJO

    Wow, looks like General has really let their quality standards slip on this brand. I’ve read a lot of positive reviews regarding this one in the past, but this just reeks of cost cutting and shoddy QC.

  • swj045

    thanks,I make my buying list from your re views and this will be one that I will not be putting on it.Great review.

  • chizzlechink

    I had a RP the edge do about the same to me just yesterday. Had to puff and puff to get a good draw and it heated up and tunneled out on me. Total pos! I have LOVED these in the past. Point is, you got a bad stick. Not worth proving the point though in this case. Just too many gars out there to move on to. If my next The Edge does that then I will be done with them.

    • swj045

      Ive had several EDGE and all of them have been great,dont count out a very good cigar.All the Rockies have had been good smokes.

      • chizzlechink

        That’s my point. Even great brands have duds. If I soon get another the edge dud I will take issue with it. Until then ill chock it up to a fluke.

    • A bad stick is a fluke, a dud is a fluke. It’s easy (trust me I know first hand) to roll a cigar poorly. Too tight, not even, too loose, not packed right etc. This was filled with crap. Not a dud. Purposefully filled with crap. Like I said above – sure there’s a chance I got some magic results of a roller that was pissed or or lazy that moment. No one knows. But I do know it’s not a high profile, high price or high quality brand name, most people have never heard of it or had it. If I was just a consumer I would never buy it again, I can try something new every day for the rest of my life and not repeat anything, that’s the truth. There’s no time to waste on giving something like that another shot IMO.

  • carrascodavid

    Gues I will be crossing that one of the smoke list

  • seanking4

    That suck. I got excited when you said it has the cigar lounge smell. Oh well, I’ll stay away from them.

  • yairbarojas

    This video made me deconstruct my cigar just to see what was inside. Glad to see full leaves in the filler!

    Go Oliva 🙂

    • swj045

      I too have taken a cigar apart to see what they are made of.and it is worth one to see how they are made.

    • MorganGeo

      Oliva is a great brand. Everyone I’ve smoked has had perfect burn. I know when I pick one up Im getting a good quality cigar that I can enjoy.

  • Mobleyjared

    That like a striptease then finding out that the girl wasn’t even the same girl!

  • zzpop102

    Its sad it was constructed so badly. The stick looked and sounded really promising.

  • Swede214

    That was good, I liked it, interesting what it looks like ”inside” a cigar.

  • jablaze

    that is one of the worst I’ve seen, wonder what the msrp is, thanks again bryan for the entertainment

  • eric.hanson

    I’m sure I’m not alone here but I always like watching you review a bad stick every now and then becaue it’s so funny.

  • Bpope31

    That was definitely an entertaining review. Different yet still educational. Wouldn’t waste my time even thinking bout purchasing this cigar. Like Bryan said there’s just way to much out there.

  • USA2ndAmendment

    Wow, what a crap stick. I know not to buy these now.

  • stevenknisley

    I will never try that brand

  • BCamara

    Too bad about that one. Looks like the only thing they spent time on was wrapping it in tissue lol. Btw I like how you still took a photo of the band draped over the cigar after removing it from the tissue, nice touch I thought.

  • ghoudy

    Thanks for another great review Bryan. Always something new to learn about this hobby. Definitely a stick to stay away from.

  • tedski

    Too bad, these WERE a good brand awhile back. I bought quite a few in the 90’s and early 00’s, and found them to be a quality cigar. Looks like they jumped the shark since then.

  • Sonny

    I never expected what ended up happening… I loved the packaging on this one. It’s almost a shame…

  • JoseDuval

    Crap cigar but an entertaining and informative video. I gues they can’t all be winners.

  • Joseph Szeremet

    I have had too of the these particular cigars in the past year one (which I purchased as a “aged” cigar) was good. The other had some very bad burn problem. The one that held up was a pretty decent cigar though.

  • Pokesfan

    Thanks for the review. Liked the thumbs down and rasberry at the end. I will definately stay away from the “El Rey Del Mundo” or as translated to English “The King of the World”…Maybe they should change the name to El Rey Del Guano.

    • ghagood

      I dont know what he was reviewing, but certainly not any similar experience I have had with these great cigars after years of enjoyment from a great smoke. Never had any issues with them and great taste as well.

  • curtpick

    Disgusting. Thanks Bryan. Will keep away.

  • derek_straus

    Wow…. I hope they start making changes quickly or they will not be in business much longer selling product like that! I will hot buy one of these.

  • david121

    thanks for taking us through that deconstruction and the cigar 101 lol, my condolences!

  • sagxman

    I got a good chuckle near the end. It was nice seeing the deconstruction.

  • Daniel.A

    i hate it when i get cigars like this. sucks looked like a good cigar.

  • Jay D.

    Haha LOL! Nice to see a review with a dud stick, the deconstruction of it was super helpful. This really makes me want to deconstruct some cigars just so I can fully appreciate quality smokes that much more.

  • ghagood

    I have been enjoying these for years and have not even remotely had an issue of any kind with them. They always have a razor sharp burn and great firm white ash. You must have reviewed another brand because this is certainly not indicative of the El Rey.

  • puffrey

    Just to be clear, are you saying this is or isn’t a good stick to pick up? LOL

  • Eric Courtney

    I agree with this review. I went to one of my local B&M that I have never been too because of distance to my house and I picked it up. Don’t let the tissue paper fool you. Mine lasted for 15 minutes and then said to me, “Haha, I just took your $6 and threw it down the toilet.”

  • Mike Sebbo

    Shoot, I should have checked this out before I grabbed some on sale. -_-

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