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My Father Le Bijou 1922 Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, March 1, 2011
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My Father Le Bijou 1922 Toro Cigar Review

This 6×52 stick offers a dark chocolate oily wrapper with small veins, invisible seams, a very even crushed velvet texture with a slight spongy give and a rich oily chocolaty tobacco aroma. First light revels full bodied flavors of a sily smooth chewy thick smoke, though not a lot of it. Flavors are a deep earth, chocolate and mild pepper zing through the long finish. Draw is perfect with just a bit of resistance. The first third gives solid medium body flavors of a super thick and rich dry aged tobacco with a touch of a sweet chocolate and pepper. 20 minutes in I encountered a strange burn problem, with a tiny shaft burning through the center of the cigar, and 1/2 of the stick getting very hot and mushy. It stopped putting out smoke yet continued to burn. After spending 10 minutes correcting the burn, manually lighting 1/2″ of wrapper and getting through a section that seemed to be rolled with a tube down the center, it is back to burning correctly. 40 min in at the 1/2 way point, flavors returned to a medium-full body treat of rich creamy milk chocolate, a slightly sweet eart and smooth tobacco with a touch of pepper and long smooth finish. 1:15 in at the band point the burn has slowed significantly flavors have changed to a creamy textured, smooth slightly sweet earth with a long earth and pepper finish. I have given it a couple minor touchups, but overall performance is good. Ending at 1:40 min where it got hot probably due to the touch-ups near the end, I ended it as flavors got a bit warm and washed out. If this hadn’t of had the burn issues it would be pushing the two hour mark easily, as I burned off more than an inch correcting the burn. Thank you very much to viewer Jonathan Novatt for generously sending this in for review, I greatly appreciate it!


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