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All Out Kings Smash Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, July 26, 2017
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All Out Kings Smash Cigar Review – This 5×52 stick by Drew Estate distributed by Caldwell Cigars features a dark chocolate mottled firmly and densely packed wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, large double cap, fine grit tooth, oily sheen and the distinct aroma of fire cured tobacco.  First light reveals a slightly snug draw with medium-full bodied flavors of a damp thick chewy earth and slight campfire flavor profile with a long smooth finish of the same. The first third shifts to the predominate flavors of a slightly sweet dried cherry with quit e zing and zest, joining the light earth and pepper which fades before the long finish. Burns is very slow, draw is perfect and the smoke plentiful. The 1/2 way point comes at 35 minutes with perfect performance, just adding a bright nuttiness to the mix. Ending at 1 hour the last third drops the earth and pepper, dials down the nuttiness adds is a smooth cocoa and medium strength. For the first 24 hours this video is up you can save big on these at https://cigarandpipes.com/product/all-out-kings/ and don’t forget the codes SAVE14 and COFANS12 for extra savings.

  • William Froberg

    A good Caldwell. It will be intersting to see if it survives the FDA purge of new blends.😕

    • You missed the last CO Live – writing on the wall is we can kiss the FDA goodbye soon!

      • William Froberg

        I did miss the last CO live, been dealing with a death in the family 🙁
        That’s good news about the FDA, hope it comes to pass in our favor!

      • danb6177

        Man I hope so. I’ve been trying to follow the new legislation. You guys broke it down and made it easier to understand.

      • Richard Trank

        I might be confused by a power-out cancellation of an live episode.. I will have to review that last one again cus I walked away with two impressions.

        1.the rules would remain but would its implementation will be de-prioritized into permanent irrelevance instead of, that new tobacco blend rule will be wiped off the books.
        This is important to me because my local B&M announced its closing in October because of the ruling. I want to have sound information for our tobacconist to consider. The only alternative i could think of is simply sell straight unblended tobacco with rolling tools, shredders, how-to manuals

        2. I’ll have to re-check tthe comments too..I’m not sure which whiskey won, Knob Creek or Bulliet.

        • Frankly IMO B&Ms that say they closed because of the FDA simply used it as an excuse.

          • Richard Trank

            I agree, I just returned from visiting that B&M and that was the feeling I got despite being told otherwise. The sticks are quickly being cleaned out w/ no mark down.The only “deals’ being a few limited edition $39.00-$49.00 AFuentes singles that may have sold out elsewhere. I guess now I can feel better buying some of those AOK’s instead of waitng until the B&M closes

    • Richard Trank

      Brian made those things sound so good an’ tasty I’ve been mouse clicking on them since last night like a coke starved lab rat. My attempts to apply “extra / discount(s)” seem to be…confusing. I emailed them and am waiting for clarification..

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