Maker’s Mark 650 Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, June 29, 2016
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This 6×50 bourbon infused cigar comes in a wax sealed glass tube featuring a dark brown wrapper with a very wet squishy feel, small veins, tight invisible seams, large sloppy double cap and potent sweet aroma.  First light reveals a huge bitter wet leaf flavor, and luckily a short finish.  Draw is very good body is on the mild side and smoke output is normal.  The first third burns quickly bringing the body up to a solid medium.  Flavors are very plain, just a strange artificial sweetness I can’t give a name to – but it’s definitely nothing to do with bourbon.  The 1/2 way point comes in at about a half hour with the sweetness dying down a tick and a grassiness coming in while the body goes down to mild-medium.  Ending at an hour flavors were completely unchanged.


  • TR

    photo bomb is too funny!

  • Boston Fireguy

    Having had numerous Makers Marks over the last few years. I found that they do no age well (2-3 months) left in the glass tubes. The upside down bands are definitely unique – have yet seen that on any I have smoked. I find they are a mild to medium smoke and if you catch a good one are enjoyable as are the Makers Mark Tenth Anniversary.

    Thanks for the aluminum tube tip. I recently smoked a Monte Cristo Platinum Series that I left in the aluminum tube for 5 months in the humidor and was disappointed. With the enclosed cedar wrapper I use the tube now as a 1 stick travel humidor.
    Great photo bomb! The guy lighting the stogie with the Tiki Torch was lucky he didn’t scorch his face, not to mention the lighting faux pax…

    • Boyd Garrett

      I’m pretty sure “the guy” was Dave Blanco. You make a pretty good straight man, Bryan.

  • Terry James

    whats with the guy……..stick to the cigars reviews

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