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Mrs. Brog Ashtray, desktop Humidor And Travel Tubes

by Bryan Glynn, January 10, 2016
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These are three products from a Chinese company called Mrs. Brog – a desktop humidor, travel tubes and a basic ashtray.  The ashtray is nothing special, just a bronze like metal stamped design with a single slot for a cigar and decently deep bowl.  The desktop humidor is good for about 5 churchills, comes with a small humidification device and does have a very good seal.  It’s closed via a leather like strap and loop lid.  The travel tubes function very well, with an internal cap and spring to hold anything under 60rg you need to carry around securely. Yes, I know the Amazon link calls the humidor a travel humidor BUT there is NO WAY it could be used as such.  The cigars have no security.  As I mentioned, these are not made or marketed by cigar smokers. Links:




  • Johnny g

    Your looking good Bryan..Glad to see that you are getting back to your great reviews..

  • Serge B.

    Brian, great to have you back and feeling better! Do you mind sharing what camera you use for your recent videos?

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