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Dulce Dominicana Cherry Petite Corona Cigar Review

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Dulce Dominicana Cherry Petite Corona Cigar Review

This 5×36 house blend from StogieBoys.com features a tan wrapper with a very soft squishy pack, small veins, tight seams, large double cap and extremely potent sweet artificial cherry aroma. First light reveals great rich smooth medium bodied smoke output with flavors of a big spoonful of dark cherry ice cream, very natural. The first third very quickly goes to a artificial cherry cough drop flavor with a longer finish of the same. Like the previous version this is short filler, probably the exact same blend, and only holds a 1/2 inch ash at most so watch it. By the band point flavors went to a cherry gum and construction wasn’t very good, flaking lots of tobacco in my mouth with each draw. Ending at 40 minutes the flavor wore off just leaving a sweet nuttiness as it got hot. Thank you to Stogieboys.com for providing this for review!

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