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Bahia Matanzas Perfecto No.3 Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 26, 2014
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Bahia Matanzas Perfecto No.3 Cigar Review

This 6.2×54 perfecto shaped stick features a dark brown softly packed very glossy oily slick wrapper with small veins, tight seams and a pungent chocolate and hay aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with mild-medium bodied smoke showing very smooth oily creamy textures notes of chocolate and coffee with a long smooth finish. The first third burns very well bringing the body to a medium as it opens up to the widest section. Flavors drop most of the chocolate sticking with a smooth oily coffee with a mellow finish. The 1/2 way point comes at 35 minutes bringing the body up a notch to medium-full keeping the same profile with very rich slightly sweet coffee notes and a slight earthiness, followed by the same on a very full long finish. Ending a little early at 55 minutes with a couple inches left, flavors remained the same but the draw snugged up, the smoke got very hot and tarballs appeared. An occasional byproduct of shaped head cigars. Thank you very much to viewer Arthur Cairo for sending this in for review, I greatly appreciate it!

  • raja

    Bryan made a comment about tar build up sometimes in cheap cigars. Checked the price on CI and it was 5 for $52. In my world $10 for one stick isn’t cheap.

    • viewer_tan

      It’s in his description: “…. but the draw snugged up, the smoke got very hot and tarballs appeared. An occasional byproduct of shaped head cigars…”

  • Justin

    Raja, pretty sure he said “shaped” not cheap, referencing the taper of the stick.

  • AL

    This review reminded me of a question I wanted to ask. I have seen mouthpieces (perhaps they are filters) for cigars. Is there any benefit to these? Alternately is there a reason not to use them? I have to believe that they would keep the tar balls off your lips, and keep the end of your cigar from getting too soggy. Does anyone know anything about these?

  • Texvet

    I smoke 2-3 cigars a day and I’ve never had an issue with tar balls. I smoke mostly torpedo’s Is it possible he sucks too hard (there’s a joke in there somewhere)?

    • Raz Amzaleg

      Never had a tar balls issue either..
      Great review! Sounds delicius cigar Bryan! Thanks.

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