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Montecristo Sevens Cigar Review

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Montecristo Sevens Cigar Review

This 7×50 cigar features a dark brown oily mottled wrapper with a smooth firm feel, minimal veins, tight seams, double cap and very faint pepper aroma. First light reveals medium-full bodied flavors of a very slick, oily and creamy tobacco with a bit of pepper zing, going long in tot he finish. Draw is perfect and smoke output is on the thick side. The first third goes very slowly, giving a smooth creamy sweet earth and long finish adding the pepper towards the end. Burn is very good almost razor sharp, the ash holds on fairly well but does flake and flower somewhat. 40 minutes in it needed a complete relight after just going out on it’s own with a bit of tunneling. Flavors were unchanged through the 2nd third which needed yet another relight before it’s end. The last third started off much better than the 2nd, shifting to an almost caramel sweetness and medium-full rich leather flavor, carrying a thick long finish. Unfortunately just after flavors got going again it quickly puttered back out, with a good couple inches remaining not even to the band point. I did not want to do yet another relight as it would be fruitless this far down. Thank you very much to viewer Ralph for sending this in for review, I really appreciate it!

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