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Walnut Folding Cigar Ashtray with Accessories Review

by Bryan Glynn, July 7, 2011
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Walnut Folding Cigar Ashtray with Accessories Review

This is a folding desktop ashtray unit sent in by cigarhumidors-online.com – thank you very much guys! My first impression is it looks GREAT and has quite a heft to it! It’s definitely something to compliment an office, end table, smoking room, etc. with a detailed walnut veneer and very thick lacquer finish. Opening the unit up it separates in to an ashtray and rest, with magnets holding the tray, a cutter plus a punch in place. The punch works great, with a spring loaded extractor, screw on cap and hole for attachment to a keychain. The cutter is a basic single guillotine that has ok results although no single blade cutter gives a very clean cut. It’s sharp enough to do the job though. Holding it in your hand it’s actually sharp edged and uncomfortable, however it’s not actually designed to be used in your hand. It’s to be placed in the unit to act as a stationary guillotine while placing the cigar on the rest. The results are not that great unfortunately. The other big negative for the unit is the construction. It’s made in China and has sub standard assembly. The hinges are not applied correctly, looking a bit sloppy with some play, and are placed so the unit does not open flat creating a rock when placing the whole thing down. The ashtray itself is a nice steel unit that easily removed by pressing to one side, where a slight indentation below creates a pivot allowing the bowl to be easily picked up. It’s a good size, enough for several cigars, although when using the cigar rest the ash will not be over the bowl for more than the start of a cigar, it’s separated by a couple inches.

  • JJO

    Great in-depth review. I’ve seen these advertised online, and some of the prices are not inexpensive. As you pointed out, the metal can’t be stainless if it can be held in place with magnets. Looks like they cut a few too many corners on this. It wouldn’t have taken much to design the cigar rest to slide up to the bowl, but the less than ideal assembly kind of makes that a moot point. A good idea, but poor realization.

    Thanks for the honest assessment.

  • Bigdogx29

    Thanks for the review. I was looking to put these in my shop at some point but not anymore. I am glad I saw this first!

  • rhtomlinson

    Nice review. FYI not all SS is non-magnetic, so its possible that it is SS just not likely 🙂

    Keep up the great work BG.


    • I know 4xx grade is magnetic but it’s a very weak attraction. This is stuck like glue.

  • Thanks for the review Bryan. I’ve been looking at these too and wondering if they were up to much (was particularly concerned about the quality of the cutter).

    I suppose from my point of view, this would be an ideal thing to sling in your bag before heading out of the office or going on a short break. I’d then whip it out and put it into action in the pub beer garden, solving my major concern with smoking cigars whilst out and about – the general lack of places to lay down the cigar between draws. (Mind you, I bought a Palio primarily to solve that problem…)

  • BenTenATL

    This looks awesome. I like how it’s all inclusice and convertible.

  • Bpope31

    I really like this review. I would love to see more reviews of humidors and items such as these. Will have to check the site for more of these. This definitely looks awesome and is a really cool idea. Seems like for aesthetics this can’t be beat but the actual use of it seems less than ideal. Still very cool though.

  • MaxDuo

    Looks great, and I really like the IDEA of the cutter… but knew as soon as I saw the pic that I wouldn’t want to use it.

    Still a very gorgeous ashtray, construction quality aside.

  • Mobleyjared

    So it’s pretty much eye candy? So stick to old school prettyoh right?

  • zanlamb

    Its a nice idea but its a bit stupid having the rest so far away from the ashtray itself

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