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Gurkha Centurion Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, February 1, 2010
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Gurkha Centurion Cigar Review

This 6×60 dark chocolate wrapped perfecto offers a draw on the firm side, and 5 inches of normal burn after getting past and clipping the tapered ends. Showing several transitions, flavors included a creamy buttery leather, chocolate, big pepper blasts without the spice, deep earth and a long finish for most of the smoke. At the last third, flavors changed to a huge deep roasted coffee that was increasingly creamy to the nub. Smoke output was very light at the start, taking 20 minutes to open up to just normal. It was on the light side but always smooth, delivering a medium-full bodied experience overall. The ash held on for 2″ at a time with no burn issues. Thank you very much to Ken Glass for sending this in for review, I greatly appreciate it!

  • Really nice review! Sounds like a super flavorful smoke, but the full body on it will make me shy away. I would rather have flavor and a mild-medium body then getting any nicotine out of it.

    I might have to snag a few to try, but I wont go out of my way to get them.


    • K. Vito B.

      Listen….give these sticks a little humi time. The cigar will mellow a bit and your left with one of the tastiest, complex sticks you’ve ever shoved in your face. HHMMMMMM! Go for it.

  • OlivaSerieV

    I have only smoked half a dozen of these but they were so tasty and delicious it makes me wonder why I don’t have anymore of them. Nice review… I suppose I will have to buy some more of these awesome smokes now.

  • Enjoyed your review very much. I suppose if I was on a desert island, the Centurion would be my preferred smoke. Your review was right on, although the cigar can be a mixed-bag sometimes. It is a bit of a challenge and does not burn terribly evenly. Your point about the watse of space on a perfecto is well made, although it is my favorite shape. There can sometimes be a trace of amonia on the end. When it’s an average Centurion it is an average smoke that tends to extinguish itself a lot and the draw is tight with minimal smoke; but when it’s good it is a memorable smoke. Very nice review and please keep up the good work!

  • Mike

    Great review on this cigar!!! Just smoked one in a Toro size was smooth all the way down little burn issues but overall great stick. I find that all Gurkha’s have great flavors and great complexity but have some huge waves in the burn quality. You would think it should be perfect in every way since there considered to be premium sticks.

  • jpculp57

    Smoked one of these this afternoon and would have to agree on the flavors. Mine had burn issues, but didn’t affect the smoking pleasure at all.

  • Rijkstra

    I wish I had seen this review before buying a dozen Centurians for sixty bucks. While the flavors are great, the uneven burn has taken the enjoyment away from smoking the two I have so far.

    I have some cheaper Gurkha Black Beauty Gran Torpedoes that I enjoy more. Seven inch torpedoes combine my favorite head with my favorite length. I have some other tapered head cigars that don’t burn cleanly so I believe I’ll avoid those figurados from now on.

    • Rijkstra

      Sorry, it’s the tapered foot that I don’t like. Tapered heads are fine.

  • Camshaft83

    I got a 5 pack of these and I think you nailed the flavors in the review.. I let mine sit in the humi for a couple months and the med to full body mellowed considerably. Great smoke despite minimal uneven burn issue. Would get more if price was right or in a sampler as the price is a bit much for these.

  • EzyE77

    Only had 1 of these and it was terrible. Im hoping I just got a bad one.

  • YoMud

    Had one of these last night and really liked it. It’s the first Gurkha that I’ve found that I really enjoyed. Glad I wtched this older recview.

  • eric.hanson

    Just had one of these a few nights ago and think your review is very similar to what I had. Very mild but nice smooth nutty, pepper, and sweet flavors.

  • I’ve got some on the way. I’m pretty excited to try these guys out finally.

  • rgmenke

    These are one of my current favorites. You can pick these up on CBID for about $3.

    • mavsfan1

      Yup. Just snagged a 6 pack for $16 on cbid. Hard to argue at that price.

  • FTG2Voge

    Just had my first Centurion tonight. It’s a cool night in Minnesota,around zero or so.I bundled up and headed out to the garage. In spite of the cold, I had a very enjoyable hour and a half or so with this cigar. I will definitely be coming back to this one again.

  • tastystoges

    Gurkha Centurian Double Perfecto! One of my favorite smokes. I stalk up on these in my humidor. I feel neglected if I do not. Yes it is made for a sultan. I have tried the box press in this IMO it is good but more 1 dimensional. I have also tried the torpedo (both box press and torpedo came in samplers) and yuck. Construction exploded and did not want to finish it as I approached the halfway. A shame because I only bought the torpedo sampler due to these being a part of it. The double perfecto I have smoked many times and it hits the notes very consistently. Top NOTCH!

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