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Tag archive for : sampler pack

CigarObsession Viewer Photo Contest VOTE: SMOKE

by Bryan Glynn, September 17, 2013

OK viewers, it’s time to vote for your favorite photo! I will leave this poll up until next Monday where the lucky winner will be chosen by popular vote to win a sweet sampler pack! Register to vote and good luck to the participants! Entries below:

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IPCPR Contest!

by Bryan Glynn, July 20, 2013

Yes, that is a robusto…on the LEFT! First, congratulations to ‘smokethis’, winner of last week’s contest! Get me your contact info and your prizes will go out! Now, on to the next contest ūüôā This time it’s for a custom sampler pack of cigars including some new ones from the … Continue reading

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Silver Ashtray Giveaway Winner

by Bryan Glynn, September 4, 2012

The winner of the Longest Ash Contest, for the $350 silver plated Gurkha Ashtray is…

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New General Cigar Promotions, Blends, Gift Packs and Offers!

by Bryan Glynn, August 9, 2012

Here is a collection of all the info coming out of the General Cigar camp, highlighting the new blends, promotional items, gift packs and special offers announced at the 2012 IPCPR show. I thought it would be a lot easier to just view everything in one post and gallery so … Continue reading

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The ‘I had a great vacation’ / 4,000 Subscribers Contest

by Bryan Glynn, April 8, 2012

EDIT: This contest is now closed. We just topped 4,000 subscribers, 10pm EST 4/14/12, congratulations user ‘ARM’! I went on a vacation down to Key West last week and had a great time – it was a MUCH needed break, my first in a couple years. To celebrate that and … Continue reading

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Welcome To Label Your Cigar!

by Bryan Glynn, January 12, 2012

I want to welcome Label Your Cigar to the Cigar Obsession family! I have sung the praises of their company for some time now, as they produce not only excellent bundle cigars (at insane prices) – especially my personal favorite the barberpole…but also exceptionally high quality and inexpensive custom and … Continue reading

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FREE CIGAR CONTEST – Art District Cigars Samplers

by Bryan Glynn, July 25, 2011

EDIT: ¬†Congratulations to ‘smoke4life’ and ‘sterling’! ¬†Send me your contact info and I’ll get your prize packs right out!   FREE CIGAR CONTEST – Art District Cigars Pergamino Samplers OK we have another contest for a free sampler of cigars! This time it’s a sampler pack from Art District Cigars, … Continue reading

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Free Cigars With Canvas Print

by Bryan Glynn, June 19, 2011

Now through the end of June, to make a good deal even better, I will include a sampler pack of some of my favorite cigars with each Canvas Cigar Art Print order! The pack will be a random selection stuffing a Priority Mail box and will ship directly from me … Continue reading

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Humidor Cologne

by Bryan Glynn, September 18, 2009

OK how cool is this? Humidor cologne! Yes it’s exactly what you are thinking…have a look! Dementer Fragrances These guys have a TON of other really cool ‘flavors’ as they put it – I can pick out at least a dozen really cool scents I would love to try.¬†Finally, stuff … Continue reading

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