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Tag archive for : contests

CO Sharing Contest 3 Winner!

by Bryan Glynn, March 12, 2012

Congratulations to Scott Hill, the winner of our third Sharing contest! Scott, get me your mailing info and your prize pack will go right out 🙂 Check back later for more fun contests and giveaways – and don’t forget to enter this month’s Cigar Lottery! Click the big button on … Continue reading

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Thank You Viewers!

by Bryan Glynn, January 5, 2012

Here’s lookin’ at you! Yesterday we hit 3,000 YouTube Subscribers – I think that’s awesome! The biggest kick I get from doing all this is helping people out. I get a ton of fan mail every week besides questions and whatnot, of people just saying thanks – and my response … Continue reading

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It’s Easy To Follow Cigar Obsession!

by Bryan Glynn, January 1, 2012

Make sure you are following Cigar Obsession everywhere – click the three easy buttons up on top of the site (refresh if you don’t see um, they’re new!) to Like the Facebook page, Follow on Twitter and Subscribe on YouTube! You need it for contests anyway but as an added … Continue reading

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Free Cigar Photography Contest

by Bryan Glynn, October 4, 2011

The contest is now closed! Congratulations to Mathew Beard for his Opus X On A Glass!   We’re doing another contest! Yes two at once, and this time it’s another photography contest! Now I know I’ve run tons of contests in the past including several around photography and they have … Continue reading

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New Contest Format

by Bryan Glynn, May 16, 2011

After trying everything I can think of to make a fun and fair contest system that involves voting, I have decided it’s not feasible at this time. In order to make it fun and easy for anyone to participate it unfortunately opens doors to other events. It’s happened three times … Continue reading

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