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YouTube Strikes Again

by Bryan Glynn, April 21, 2021
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So as a content creator, using YouTube primarily as a content delivery network since they demonetized me over a year ago (anti-tobacco), I’m always waiting for the other foot to drop when they pull out that rug as well. Someone falsely reported a bunch of my videos and thanks to the way YouTube staffs such report checkers and uses AI, some of it gets through. Even though I have broken NO rules, staying well within the YouTube Community Guidelines at all times, they gave me my first strike today against 3 videos. It lasts for 90 days and for the next week I can’t use the channel. If a 2nd comes in during that 90 days, it’s up to 2 weeks. A third is channel deletion, permanently. ANY creator is susceptible to this kind of attack and inept fact checking. My crime? Selling tobacco. Even though I have not, do not nor ever will, sell tobacco or anything else. I have zero interest in retail and love being a professional consumer. Yet not only did someone or something check a report and agree that was not the case, but all three appeals were equally and incorrectly dismissed already. All with zero commuinication or interest to me in any way beyond an automated email.

So be warned, other cigar channels. And other YouTube creators for that matter. We are never in control of our presence on YouTube. Unfortunately there is NO viable alternative either, not even close. I know people will read this and some will think about naming other networks or solutions. NONE of them have the reach, viewership, members, ability to play on virtually any device, speed, live support, commenting, community, etc. of YouTube. It’s a pure monopoly and they know it. Unless you are ONLY using something to deliver the content to a static site and don’t care about organic views, it’s YouTube or nothing here in 2021. Will that change in the future? Sure, everything changes. But here we are right now.

Unless more happens in the meantime, You’ll see me return in a week.

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