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SmokeInn Connoisseur Club Thoughts Jan 21

by Bryan Glynn, January 30, 2021
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WARNING! If you are in this month’s club and have NOT yet tasted through the selection, CLICK OFF! For everyone else who’s curious, here are my thoughts on all 5 cigars ahead of the first reveal! I have no info, same as everyone else, about what the cigars are or who made any of them them. Are any worthy of buying? Let’s find out!

Cigar #1 Notes
Snug draw, medium body, first light very young rough metallic earth. Retro burn. 10 min less rough, still zingy earth, little leather, apricot. 1/2 way 20 min, smoother, mild-medium, same notes. End 45 min dropping apricot.

Cigar #2 Notes
perfect draw, medium body, plentiful smoke. Nutty vegetal grassiness, neutral sweetness, slight pepper on finish. First third is a medium-full dry nutty woodiness with big retro burn and long finish. 35 minutes to end, big dry wood, slight syrupy sweetness, big pepper, medium-full big smoke.

Cigar #3 Notes
bad construction, cracked with a perfecdraw. Snug draw, light floral sweet earth, short finish, minimal smoke. Gave it 10 minutes, construction was crap, no flavors. Smoking air.

Cigar #4 Notes
Big medium-full oak, dry roasted peanuts, smooth finish. Burn is good, medium-full body, goes to a sweet cream and oak with a mellow pepper. 45 min at the end, no changes.

Cigar #5 Notes
Perfect draw, full bodied, slightly sweet cocoa and cinnamon, long smooth finish, silky texture. First third is pistachio, cream, slight pepper with smooth smoke and long finish. 2nd third adds leather to the mix, down to medium body. Ends at 1:15 back up to a medium-full.

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