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Cigar Band Art Tour

by Bryan Glynn, February 21, 2016
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Cigar Band Art Tour – I was out enjoying a cigar after washing my motorcycles the other day and had on some smooth jazz just chillin.  I thought if the garage was a mancave, what would I put in there.  Well a big honkin TV was first off the top of my head and then I began to think about what would be on it.  Sure most people love watching sports when it’s on.  But what about the rest of the time?  I also get the occasional request to show more of my photography beyond the few hundred shots on the Cigar Art page of the website.  So I figured why not make a cool, relaxing vid of just closeup shots of 1000 cigar bands?  These are some from my past reviews and you’ll notice the progression in style and changes through the years.  This goes back 6 years at this point!  Wow, time flies.  I know some people will just enjoy looking at all the designs.  Others might use this to play in the background of shop or mancave, others might make it a cool game!  How many can you ID?  How many have you HAD?  How many are your favorites?

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