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by Bryan Glynn, September 19, 2013
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Sorry for the sparse posts and reviews this week guys, it’ll get better soon though. If you have followed along on HLO you know what an absolutely nightmare I’m dealing with as far as the home projects. The entire house is in disarray, my schedule is turned on it’s head and I’m also behind on photography work. I have had exactly zero time for my normal stuff and the projects are already 2x as long as estimated. I’ll do my best to get back on track ASAP but I don’t know exactly when it’ll be – hopefully that means 2-3 days but it might be after the weekend. Believe me no one hates the situation more than myself, I had specifically bumped up production to a review per day just to get through the backlog and this just sets me back. Not to mention I wanted CigarFinder launched by now, but that is about 4 down on the priority list at the moment so realistically look for that well in to October to be done.

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