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by Bryan Glynn, September 10, 2013
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In what is a regular occurrence, this morning brought out yet another asshole stealing people’s content under the guise of being a ‘cigar reviewer’. Usually it doesn’t shock me too much because the offenders are ignorant self-entitled college aged clowns who think anything on the internet is fair game to claim as their own. Not saying they all do that of course, but the VAST majority of who I catch are that age. This time though it was a guy my age, very unusual. I’m only posting this up because I gave him fair warning. He got busted, I told him to take everything down and NEVER do it again or I would expose him. He took everything down, that was awesome. But now only hours later he’s back at it. So be it.

This morning I found a site ExplicitCigar.com that had stolen content from myself, Halfwheel, Cigar King, Cassafumando, CigarAffection, Seths Humidor and others. I copied the site (screenshots below) and contacted the other authors. I emailed the owner, Marc Carmosino, and told him what I mentioned above. He replied: “Yes I understand. I apologize. All written reviews have been taken down. Shutting it down now.” and I thought all was well.

Then he started posting things again, this time reworded slightly but still obviously ripped off. Some sections, like the previous site, are just transcriptions of my reviews even using my catch phrases word for word.

Construction has been flawless all the way to the nub. Burn line is razor sharp, huge plumes of smoke, and a perfect draw. No complaints on the construction at all.

His original about page for example WAS my about page, word for word just changing his name. He’s also posting to Cigar Federation, which did take down the previous content but still has his new stuff up. has now removed all his posts and banned him.

SHAME on you Marc! Yet another assclown putting a bad name to cigar reviewers and the industry.

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Right after this post went live Marc emailed me again, blaming it on a couple fictitious ‘authors’! Oh man if I had a dime for every time they do that, it’s so predictable đŸ™‚ Usually it’s the ‘web developer’ that gets blamed though đŸ˜‰ What’s hilarious, is that HE emailed me to initiate contact last night, my reply was the above, then he replied back with the shutting down notice. Sure buddy, I’ll believe someone hijacked your personal gmail account in between our conversation that YOU started, asking for my website help! Wow…sleezy.


Hi, Bryan this is Marc. So i have recently found out the two others that blog on my site have plagiarized other sites. One of the authors said he was in contact with you last night. I looked at the emails, and I wanted to assure you that the person you were talking to was not myself. I have let go the two other authors and have removed all of there work from various websites. I would like to first apologize on behalf of ExplicitCigar.com. I should have done a’lot better job regulating the work that my sites name was on.

I am apologizing to all of the other blogs that work might have been stolen from.
Please if you have any questions, or recommendations on how to go about removing all possible leaks to there work let me know.

Thanks Bryan.”

UPDATE: He’s now removing the latest round of ripped off reviews from his site đŸ™‚

LOL! A reader just sent in another one (thanks buddy), this time the typical age I talked about up above… I guess my About page is now the plagiarizing starting point if you are going to put up a ‘cigar review’ blog đŸ™‚ The reviews also read like a bad ‘chinglish’ mix of transcriptions of my vids, even with catch phrases, but really poor grammar…pretty sad, sad work there, https://www.cigarsavvy.ca just sad.

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UPDATE: Oh man they just keep getting funnier! Now this latest loser is editing the content (too bad I already had the screenshots there, man hehe) and posted this up:

All my content is ORIGINAL. Nothing has been based off of CigarObession’s videos or written reviews that includes a mix of transcriptions from his videos, and his catch phrases.

The About page is NOT based off of CigarObession’s about page, in fact it is my own ORIGINAL creation.

All grammar is written to a college and multimedia level.

Cigarobession’s Hall of Shame post is in bad taste and downgrades bloggers websites.

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