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General Cigar New Products From IPCPR 2013

by Bryan Glynn, July 26, 2013
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2013 General Cigar New Product Info At A Glance
New Frontmarks

Cohiba Edición Diamante Gigante (6” x 60), SRP $27.00 per cigar or $270.00 for a box containing 10. Available in August.
Cohiba Edición Diamante “A” (8.25” x 49), SRP $33.33 per cigar or $99.99 for a 3-count box. Available late August.
Dunhill Aged Caleta Tin (4” x 42), SRP $19.99 for a 4-count tin. Available September.
Partagas Black Label Purito (4.19” x 32), SRP $13.59 for an 8-count tin. Available in September.
Partagas 1845 Toro Grande (6.25” x 54), SRP $7.09 per cigar or $141.80 for a box containing 20. Available now.
Partagas 1845 Robusto en Crystale (5.5” x 50), SRP $6.99 per cigar or $69.90 for a box containing 10. Available now.
Punch Miniatures (3” x 22), SRP $9.99 for a 20-count tin. Available in October.
Punch Cigarillos (4” x 24), SRP $13.99 for a tin containing 20 cigarillos. Available in October.

New Collections

Dunhill Aged Reserva Especiale 2006
A limited edition cigar that celebrates the finest of vintage Dominican tobacco.

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade
Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: Dominican and Brazilian

(5.5” x 54) SRP is $15.00 per cigar or $150.00 per 10-count box.
Debuts in September.

Partagas 150 Commemorative Humidor
An astounding release of the famed Partagas 150, in a handcrafted humidor.
SRP is $9,999 for 150 cigars.
Available in December.

Serie R Esteli
A full-flavored, large ring collection of Nicaraguan puros made exclusively for brick and mortar.
Debuts in September.
Serie R Esteli No. 54 (6” x 54) is $6.49 per cigar or $116.82 per box.
Serie R Esteli No. 60 (6” x 60) is $6.99 per cigar or $125.82 per box.
Serie R Esteli No. 64 (6.25” x 64) is $7.49 per cigar or $134.82 per box.

Serie R Black
Currently available.
A full-flavored, large ring collection of Nicaraguan puros made exclusively for internet/catalog retailers.
Serie R Black No. 60 (6” x 60), SRP per cigar is $6.99
Serie R Black No. 58 (6.87” x 58), SRP per cigar is $7.24
Serie R Black No. 64 (6.25” x 64), SRP per cigar is $7.49

La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show
Team La Gloria is back again with another innovative offering of all-new, small batch releases.
Limited release of 500 boxes per blend. Available in early November.
Liga YG-23 and MG-08 are brick and mortar exclusives.
Liga JD-05 is internet/catalog only.

Liga YG-23: (6 7/8” x 58) is $8.95 per cigar or $232.70 for a box of 26.
Liga MG-08 (7” x 60) is $9.25 per cigar or $240.50 for a box of 26.
Liga JD-05 (7.25” x 62) is $9.45 per cigar or $245.70 for a box of 26.

Macanudo Estate Reserve
A limited edition collection created to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Macanudo. A new platform for the brand, focusing on new and unique tobaccos not used in any other Macanudo cigar.

Debuts in October.
Macanudo Estate Reserve No. III (5” x 50) is $16.00 per cigar or $160.00 per box.
Macanudo Estate Reserve No. II (6” x 52) is $17.00 per cigar or $170.00 per box
Macanudo Estate Reserve No. I (7” x 50) is $18.00 per cigar or $180.00 per box

CAO Flathead
This bold, new collection was inspired by hot rods and pin-up girls.

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Habano Connecticut
Filler: Nicaraguan Ligero and Piloto Cubana Ligero

Four frontmarks, three of which are packaged in 24-count boxes; one in a 30-count box.
Available in September.

CAO Flathead V642 Piston (6.5” x 42) is $6.75 per cigar or $202.50 for a box
CAO Flathead V554 Camshaft (5.5” x 54) is $7.25 per cigar or $174.00 for a box
CAO Flathead V660 Carb (6” x 60) is $8.25 per cigar or $198.00 for a box
CAO Flathead V770 Big Block (7” x 70) is $9.50 per cigar or $228.00 for a box


Cohiba Edición Diamante
The luxurious Cohiba Edición Diamante collection will welcome two new sizes this year. The new Gigante frontmark (6” x 60, SRP of $27.00 per cigar) is individually encased in wood coffins, while its sister size, the Churchill-sized “A” frontmark (8.25” x 49, SRP of $33.33 per cigar) is protected in individual wooden tubes. Making their retail debut in August, these exquisitely packaged cigars showcase an extraordinary Cameroon wrapper from the acclaimed 1980 crop. Sophisticated cigar smokers will delight in the refined blend and meticulous construction which exemplify the artistry of a master torcedor.

Partagas 1845
With the addition of the Toro Grande (6.25” x 54, SRP of $7.09 per cigar) and Robusto en Crystal (5.5” x 50, SRP $6.99 per cigar) frontmarks, Partagas 1845 will be available in a total of six sizes to complement a broad range of smoking occasions. Both new sizes possess Partagas 1845’s full-flavored, medium-bodied taste profile, which exudes hints of coffee and cocoa. The blend is so appealing that premium cigar industry legend Benji Menendez exalted Partagas 1845 as “one of the most significant blends” he has ever been involved in developing.

Partagas Black Label
Don’t let the size fool you. While small in stature, Partagas Black Label Purito (4.19” x 32, SRP of $13.59 for a tin of 8 cigars) is a burly smoke in a convenient, portable tin. Not for the faint of heart, this new size rounds out the highly-rated collection and is ideal for the initiated smoker. Partagas Black Label Purito will be available at retail in September, and is made with the same bold blend that has cemented Partagas Black Label’s spot on the go-to list of initiated smokers across the country.

Dunhill Aged Caleta
The sophisticated flavor and enduring, woody finish of the Dunhill Aged range has been coveted by cigar lovers the world over. For discerning smokers who seek the indulgence of a larger cigar with a shorter time commitment, we proudly introduce the Dunhill Aged Caleta (4” x 42, SRP of $19.99 for a tin containing 4 cigars). Presented in a sleek and eminently portable tin, these petite corona sized cigars will make their retail debut late-September.

Punch Miniatures and Punch Cigarillos
Widely known as the first name in Honduran cigars, Punch has traditionally been available in large sizes. This will change in October, with the addition of two new frontmarks. Punch Miniatures (3” x 22, SPR of $9.99 for 20-count tin) and Cigarillos (4” x 24, SRP of $13.99 for a 20-count tin) may be small in size, yet they pack the same wallop that no-nonsense smokers have come to expect from Punch. These new additions are made for cigar fans who demand exceptional flavor, with the convenience of a smaller-sized smoke.


IPCPR 2013 – In 1995, master cigar maker Ramón Cifuentes released a limited quantity of Partagas 150 Signature Series cigars to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the venerable Partagas brand.

Among the most spectacular cigars ever produced, Partagas 150 is embellished with rare Cameroon wrapper leaves harvested from the celebrated 1977 crop. Those who have experienced Partagas 150 cigars tell of luxurious, complex flavors and an enticing aroma, and speak of a celestial smoking experience never to be forgotten.

Partagas 150 cigars are not traditionally available for purchase, for they are savored exclusively among the world’s most privileged cigar aficionados. However, for the collector who seeks the honor of possessing these rare treasures, General Cigar Company presents a once-in-a-lifetime offer.

An astounding bounty of Partagas 150 cigars awaits the collector. Presented in an exquisite piano finished, burled wood humidor, with an inlaid Partagas 150 crest, and replete with a custom humidification device, this magnificent collection contains a total of 150 Partagas 150 cigars, in the AA, B and C frontmarks, each resting in drawers lined with royal red velvet.

The suggested retail price of this spectacular offer is $9,999.


IPCPR 2013 — To commemorate the 45th anniversary of Macanudo, General Cigar is proud to debut Macanudo Estate Reserve, a limited edition collection that marks an exciting new platform for America’s best-selling premium cigar brand.

Alan Willner, vice president of marketing for General Cigar said, “We are embarking on a new journey with Macanudo Estate Reserve. Guided by our intent to showcase the extraordinary range of flavors that can only be achieved by blending tobacco from the most limited of origins, the Estate Reserve series will feature an annually-released, limited edition blend made with tobaccos that have never before been considered for Macanudo or any other General Cigar brand.”
For this, the inaugural Macanudo Estate Reserve release, General Cigar’s artisans have sourced a delicate Connecticut Shade wrapper from an independent grower, and built an outstanding blend around it. Unlike any other Macanudo cigar, the binder and filler are strictly Dominican, cultivated throughout the island, and aged for at least 8 to 10 years under the watchful eyes of seasoned tobacco experts.

Three super-premium frontmarks will be released, each individually encased in wooden coffins and elegantly sealed with gold foil. The rarity of the cigar’s tobaccos has limited production to just 3,000 boxes per size. Upon depletion of the debut Macanudo Estate Reserve collection, the blend will be retired.

Macanudo Estate Reserve will be available beginning in October. Each of the three sizes are protected in ten-count boxes.
No. I (7” x 50), SRP per cigar is $18.00
No II (6” x 52), SRP per cigar is $17.00
No. III (5” x 50), SRP per cigar is $16.00

The artistry of Macanudo Estate Reserve extends to its packaging, for the cigars are protected in sleek, handcrafted boxes of solid mahogany, with elegant, sloping corners and embellished with subtle golden accents.


IPCPR 2013 — CAO wants its fans to go full-throttle with a bold new blend called Flathead.
Inspired by hot rods and pin-up girls, the revved-up collection is box pressed across all four sizes, ranging from a lancero to a 7” x 70, and are hand-shaped to deliver a striking flat top.
CAO’s senior brand manager Ed McKenna said, “Rick Rodriguez and I were talking about the great people we’ve met at CAO events across the country, and about the conversations we’ve had with them. It didn’t take us long to realize that the conversations were always about the same things: Cigars, Cars and Girls. Not necessarily in that order. So that’s what led us to come up with Flathead.”
Flathead features a brawny Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and a blend that’s heavy on Nicaraguan leaf.
In keeping with CAO’s unconventional approach to packaging, Flathead gives a nod to the muscle car engine, with a lid that’s easily removed and used as wall art. There’s also a collectible, pin-up girl flysheet that’s enclosed in the box. Ed and Rick think the fly sheet’s going to be the topic of many a conversation.
Flathead comes out in September, and all of the frontmarks are named after engine parts.
V642 Piston (6.5” x 42), SRP per cigar is $6.75
V554 Camshaft (5.5” x 54), SPR per cigar is $7.25
V660 Carb (6” x 60), SRP per cigar is $8.25
V770 Big Block (7” x 70), SRP per cigar is $9.50
For more information about CAO Cigars, visit www.caocigars.com.

Dunhill Aged Reserva Especiale 2006

IPCPR 2013 – Building on the success of its first vintage offering, Dunhill proudly announces the launch of Dunhill Aged Reserva Especiale 2006, a limited edition cigar that celebrates the finest of Dominican tobacco.

Steven Kron, regional account manager for Dunhill cigars and pipe tobacco commented, “In 2006, climatic conditions were ideal for tobacco cultivation in the Dominican Republic, and an exceptional Piloto Cubano crop was harvested from the famed Cibao Valley. After seeing how beautifully the tobacco was curing in the sheds, we decided to set it aside for deep maturation, and use this superlative tobacco in our second Dunhill Aged Reserva Especiale offering.”

The vintage Piloto Cubano leaves were aged in tercios for seven painstaking years, and served as the foundation of the blend. To achieve the cigar’s rich, complex flavor, a touch of Brazilian Mata Fina punctuates the blend, which is enveloped with a lustrous and silky Connecticut Shade wrapper. The result is an opulent smoke, brimming with creamy flavor nuances.

Dunhill Aged Reserva Especiale 2006 will be released in September in one exclusive size, created expressly to maximize the cigar’s unique flavor and aroma. The Robusto Grande
(5.5” x 54) will have a suggested retail price of $15.00 per cigar, or $150.00 for a box of ten. Due to the rarity of the tobacco that comprises Dunhill Aged Reserva Especiale 2006, production has been limited to a mere 3,000 boxes.

As with all cigars in the Dunhill Aged range, discerning smokers can expect that the experience of smoking Dunhill Aged Reserva Especiale 2006 will be sublime, beginning with flawless construction and culminating in a finale of great finesse.


CAO Champions Sampler II
The CAO Champions Sampler II includes OSA Sol and LX2, in addition to the best blends from the original Champions Sampler collection. Cigar lovers who seek the full spectrum of top-rated offerings from CAO need look no further than this attractive black leather travel humidor. The cost of this sought-after sampler is $78.20 and will be available at retail in November.

CAO Cuban Press Sampler
CAO proudly presents the Cuban Press sampler. Formed by an old-world trunk press that is far more elaborate and time-consuming than today’s methods, the unique, boxy-square shaped smokes are only available as part of this special collection. Representing the Brazilia, Italia, MX2 and LXs blends, the artisanally-formed cigars command attention and are a must-have for the true CAO enthusiast. Making its retail debut in November, the suggested retail price for this sampler is $71.40.

Flavours by CAO Sampler
Complete with six Corona cigars from our most popular flavor-infused offerings, Flavours by CAO is a delight for the senses. A virtual potpourri of taste nuances awaits the premium cigar smoker who seeks to indulge in the finest mild tobaccos subtly accented by our unique, natural flavorings. For those who wish to indulge in CAO’s collection of flavours, this special sampler offers a guided tour. This flavourful collection will arrive at retail in November with an SRP of $22.80.

Brioso Gigante Collection
Created exclusively for brick and mortar, comes the Brioso Gigante three-pack. For an unbeatable SRP of $11.99, this value-priced sampler packs a punch with three, large ring, full flavor smokes from our popular Brioso line. This collection hits retail in October.

Honduran Power Collection
Sophisticated lovers of the leaf demand big, bold smokes, and our Honduran Power Collection delivers that in spades. Containing one of each of our most robust Honduran blends, these brawny smokes will punctuate the full-bodied smoker’s palate with outstanding flavor. The SRP for this power pack is $19.99 and will be available in November.

Partagas Clasico Collection
For 170 years, Partagas has set the standard by which all premium cigars are measured. To celebrate this legendary brand, we created a Toro and housed it exclusively in a nostalgic tin. Inspired by a pre-revolution Partagas package, the vintage-looking tin doubles as a travel case to protect the four Partagas cigars contained inside. Making its retail debut in November with an SRP of $29.99, this collection should be considered a collector’s item.

Partagas Fabrica Ashtray
Celebrate one of the most enduring premium cigar brands with the limited edition Partagas ashtray. This sturdy keepsake is crafted of solid crystal glass and lends sophisticated style to any smoking occasion. Showcasing the iconic Partagas fabrica, this collector-quality ashtray is sure to become a permanent fixture in man caves, and luxury smoking lounges alike. With an unbeatable SRP of $49.99, look for this memento at retail in November.

Holiday Gift Chest
General Cigar’s holiday gift chest is back and better than ever. This gorgeous wooden trunk contains three varieties of handsome wooden cigar boxes, created solely for inclusion in this special presentation. A total of thirty individual cigar boxes are housed inside, including perennial classics such as the “Best of the Dominican” and “Best of Honduras” collections. New for this year is the “Best of Nicaragua” collection featuring CAO’s finest offerings. Our most popular brands such as Macanudo, Partagas, Punch and Hoyo de Monterrey are represented in this treasure chest which will make its annual return in November. Each “Best of” collection will cost $29.99 (SRP).

Macanudo Collection with Lighter
As America’s top-selling premium cigar brand, Macanudo Café and Maduro are universally appealing to those devoted to handcrafted cigars. With a windowed view of the impeccably constructed cigars available only in this special pack, a branded torch lighter is included for free, making the deal even sweeter. This collection will be available in November with a suggested retail price of $45.99.

Partagas Collection with Lighter
What’s better than smoking a full-bodied Partagas Black Label cigar? How about having the bold flavor of Partagas 1845 on hand for future smoking occasions? This special pack from Partagas contains a total of six cigars, with the added bonus of a branded torch lighter. This rich assortment will be available in November, with an SRP of $45.99.

Macanudo Cru Royale Collection with Ashtray
Macanudo Cru Royale has taken a bold place in the medium-bodied cigar segment, as its Ecuadoran Habano ligero wrapper continues to please even the most tenured smoker. To honor the continued success of this important Macanudo expression, we custom-built a sturdy silver ashtray which reflects Cru Royale’s modern aesthetic and protects five of the brand’s top-selling Gigante frontmarks. This attractive package will make its retail debut in November, with an SRP of $49.99.

Club Macanudo Ashtray
Cigar lovers everywhere can now own a piece of the world’s premier cigar lounge, with the elegant Club Macanudo ashtray. Styled after the very ashtrays used by celebrities, athletes and luminaries who frequent the legendary New York City hotspot, this luxurious symbol of the good life will be available in November, with a suggested retail price of $29.99.

Cohiba Black Travel Case
Substance and style prevail in this deluxe carbon fiber travel case, created to protect three Cohiba Black Gigante cigars. As striking as it is sturdy, the boldly lacquered case is sure to lend an air of James Bond sophistication to any smoking occasion. Discriminating, well-heeled cigar enthusiasts who desire the rich, complex flavor of Cohiba Black will surely incorporate this world-class offering into their collections. Available beginning in November, this exclusive offer will retail for $79.99.

Partagas Benji Menendez Master Series Robusto
Benji Menendez is a legend whose storied career in the premium cigar business spans more than 60 years. The 2009 release of his namesake Master Series earned the cigar a spot in Cigar Aficionado’s coveted Top 25 cigars of the year. In honor of the world’s most beloved cigar master, we proudly present a special release of the “Master Series Robusto” frontmark. An allotment of the 10-count box has been imposed with a suggested retail price of $89.90, and will arrive at retail in November.

The Bespoke Collection
Those who take ownership of our Bespoke Collection will be counted among the world’s most elite cigar connoisseurs, for this anthology is a tour de force born of the enduring art of the blend. Our most prized creations await the collector who will be entrusted with an assortment of cigars that can only be likened to rare gems. Bearing the nuances of the brand’s Jamaican beginnings, Macanudo Vintage 1988 cigars are nestled among Partagas Decadas 1999 and Cohiba Edición Diamante, gloriously enveloped in 1980 Cameroon wrapper. To ensure the protection of the treasured cigars contained within, our Dominican artisans have painstakingly handmade each humidor. A mere 100 Bespoke Collection humidors will be released for sale. This limited masterpiece will make its retail debut in November with an SRP of $1,999.


IPCPR 2013 — Great excitement surrounded the duo of La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show offerings at last year’s IPCPR show. This year, Team La Gloria set out to outdo themselves, with three new, limited edition Trunk Show releases. Two of this year’s offerings will be available exclusively to brick and mortar retailers, and one blend will be reserved for internet and catalog retailers. Just 500 boxes of each cigar will be available, beginning in October.

All three 2013 Trunk Show offerings are robust cigars and are packaged in 26-count, trunk-style boxes. And true to the Trunk Show tradition, each batch is showcased with cigar bands that are fully smokeable.

According to Michael Giannini, General Cigar’s creative director, and the man behind the Trunk Show concept, “Jhonys Diaz, Yuri Guillen and I are constantly experimenting with blends, most often working with tobacco from General Cigar’s extensive library. Many of these tobaccos are extremely rare and limited in quantity, which prohibits us from developing new collections with them. Instead, we are making these special blends available in small batches, to share with true cigar connoisseurs.”

Liga YG-23 is back, yet in name only. For his trunk show blend this year, Master Blender Yuri Guillen worked exclusively with tobaccos from 2005-2008, focusing on hearty, high priming leaves to deliver a powerful smoke, including a Havano Connecticut wrapper. This 6 7/8” x 58 cigar will sell for a suggested retail price of $8.95 per cigar.

Liga MG-08 is the brainchild of Michael Giannini who developed his blend using proprietary tobaccos cultivated and aged between three to nine years. Michael used a Havano Ecuadoran Ligero and opted for leaves with a high content of natural oils, to deepen the intensity of flavor in his eponymous release. This 7” x 60 cigar will be available for an SRP of $9.25 per cigar.

Developed by Master Blender Jhonys Diaz, Liga JD-05 is a monstrous 7 ¼” x 62 cigar available only through internet and catalog retailers. To achieve the desired flavor of his namesake smoke, Jhonys began with a Sumatra Ligero wrapper blended it with tobaccos aged three to nine years. His blend showcases his commitment to aging, as each of the brawny leaves were allowed to linger in tercios and bales to express deep flavor and complexity. The SRP for this cigar is $9.45.


IPCPR 2013 — La Gloria Cubana is making a bold departure from its Dominican roots with two Nicaraguan collections, the first-ever La Glorias to have Nicaragua as the country of origin. Both expressions signal the expansion of the top-selling Serie R line which started the large ring, full flavor craze back in 1999.
According to Michael Giannini, General Cigar’s director of innovation, “When Serie R debuted, we established a market for bold cigars, and inspired other manufacturers to follow suit. We’re shaking things up again, by further expanding the size and flavor spectrum of our cigars with two unique and different full-flavored Nicaraguan blends, each in ultra-large ring gauges. Both new collections are trend setters in the making.”
Both new collections were blended around a spectacular Jalapa tobacco, which was cultivated by an independent farmer who raised the tobacco on several small, unconnected plots on the craggy Jalapa mountainside. The laborious process of cultivating this tobacco was well worth the effort, as the tobacco exhibits taste nuances derived from the soil’s high mineral content.
Serie R Esteli
To be sold exclusively through brick and mortar retailers, the Serie R Esteli collection consists of large ring, full-flavored Nicaraguan puros blended with ligeros and visos from multiple plots throughout the country, including those from Jalapa. Serie R Esteli is handcrafted in Nicaragua and exhibits the complexity of optimally-aged Nicaraguan tobacco, through its thick, oily Jalapa Sol wrapper.

Serie R Esteli will be available beginning in September, in three sizes, each in 18-count boxes:
No. 64 (6.25” x 64), SRP per cigar is $7.49
No. 60 (6” x 60), SRP per cigar is $6.99
No. 54 (6” x 54), SRP per cigar is $6.49

Serie R Black
Currently being sold exclusively by internet/catalog retailers, Serie R Black is a Nicaraguan puro, handcrafted in the very country were its leaves were cultivated. The blend begins with an audacious Jalapa ligero wrapper, and features tobacco from Jalapa and Esteli, with a Jalapa binder. Sourced from an independent grower, the Jalapa tobacco was fermented for an entire year, and aged for two and a half years.

Serie R Black has a trio of brawny frontmarks, each in 18-count boxes. This includes:
No. 60 (6” x 60), SRP per cigar is $6.99
No. 58 (6.87” x 58), SRP per cigar is $7.24
No. 64 (6.25” x 64), SRP per cigar is $7.49

Giannini noted, “What’s also significant about both blends is that they have the full flavor that’s characteristic of Nicaraguan tobacco. They are meant to deliver the smoking experience of a well-aged, refined and balanced Nicaraguan smoke, and we believe we’re delivering that in spades.”
For more information about La Gloria Cubana, please visit www.lagloriacubana.com and www.cigarworld.com.

2013 Promotional Item Details

CAO World Sampler
Take a trip around the world with the CAO World Sampler which features the unique flavors of four countries in one special collection. Indulge in spicy Brazilian tobacco, rare Italian leaf, smooth Connecticut Maduro and native Criollo seed with this globe-trotting sampler which contains one each of these CAO favorites: CAO Brazilia Gol!, Italia Ciao, America Potomac and Criollo Pato. This four-pack will be available in September with an SRP of $22.40.

CAO Gold Sampler
Cigar lovers who are drawn to the mellow flavor of CAO Gold and the slightly spicy nuances of CAO Gold Maduro can now enjoy the indulgence of both blends, thanks to the CAO Gold Sampler. This great combo pack highlights two great tastes from one of CAO’s most popular lines. This golden buy-three, get one cigar free collection, will be available in September with a suggested retail price of $17.80.

CAO Dark & Stormy Sampler
CAO presents the chance to savor four distinct tastes from its signature collections: LX2, MX2, Brazilia and OSA Sol. The “Dark and Stormy” four-cigar sampler delivers hints of pepper, leather and spice. This buy three, get one cigar free offer, will blow into retail mid-September with an SRP of $19.95.

Punch Tailgating Promotion
Just in time to kick off the 2013/2014 football season is the Punch Tailgating pack, with a great starting lineup of top-sellers from one of Honduras’ best brands. Containing a total of four cigars (for the price of three) from the classic Punch, Gran Puro and Grand Cru lines, the pack is great for sharing with tailgating buddies, or for savoring in a man cave. A Punch-branded metal bottle opener is included as a special gift, making this value-priced offer nothing short of a touchdown. It’s set to arrive at retail in September with a suggested retail price of $17.49.

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