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Answering Viewer Questions Transcription

by Bryan Glynn, June 15, 2013
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Untitled-1A big thank you to Mike Boucher for being the first to respond and get in the transcription job! Enjoy your sampler buddy! For those that just want the nitty gritty an don’t want to watch the videos here is the meat and bones (the vids contain more info as I go off on other topics here and there). And please remember – these answers are all my OPINION. You are free to disagree with everything but please don’t start an argument:

Transcription of Video #1.

1. Does the color of the wrapper dictate how strong a cigar is?

– There is no direct correlation between the color of the wrapper and the strength of a cigar. You can have a Maduro (dark wrapper) wrapped cigar be extremely Mild in strength or a Connecticut (light wrapper) wrapped cigar be a knock you on your butt Full strength cigar. There is more to a cigar than just the wrapper. The filler and binder play a huge part in dictating whether or not a cigar has strength or certain flavors.

2. What are the different kinds of humidification?

– There are two types of humidification devices, Active and Passive. The active are usually electronic which are actively misting water into the air, usually these are used for huge walk in humidors. An example of this is the Oasis electronic humidifier, they can be found all over the place online. Passive humidification (one or two way) is what you’ll normally find in smaller desktop humidors. One way passive humidification only gives off humidity and two way will give off humidity as well as take in humidity if the humidity rises too high. An example of a one way humidification device are water pillows, these are literally small pillows of gel that soak up water and emit humidification right around 70% these are good to throw into a zip lock baggy if you ship cigars. An example of a two way humidification device which is what I use and I highly recommend, are the Heartfelt Industry Beads (link here) or humidipacks. You can buy these in different levels of humidifications whether it be 65%, 68%, 69% or 70% etc. Foams and gels are other examples of one way humidification that I would not recommend using due to their ability to cause mold issues due to the fact they do not stop giving off humidity.

3. What type of humidification do you use?

– 65% Heartfelt beads in a nylon sock, you can buy the beads loose by the pound or in different containers that can go right into your humidor. Remember to always use distilled water with your beads to keep them working for years. Regular tap water can leave behind minerals and chemicals that will eventually clog the beads to the point where they will no longer be able to keep a relative humidity.

4. I’m having an issue with my 65% Heartfelt beads; it seems I have to continuously recharge them every other week. Should I try re-seasoning my humidor or maybe purchase the 70% beads and see if that will work better?

– No one can tell you exactly what your cigars should be kept at as far as the humidity, whether it be 60% or 70% or anywhere in between, if your cigars are keeping fine and smoking fine, then you should be all set. Don’t get too caught up on the number unless it’s extremely low say less than 60% or extremely high, say more than 75%. Anywhere in between should be ok but you will find out what works best by good old trial and error. Now if you are having an issue with your cigars drying out even with the beads in there, then you may want to look into purchasing a new humidor. Humidors shouldn’t be air tight like a Tupperware, but they should be pretty close. When you close your humidor lid it shouldn’t slam shut, it should have a slight cushion of air that supports the lid so you hear a slight whooshing sound when it shuts which means it will also have a slight suction when you open the lid, not much but a small amount. If you don’t have this, then I’d say your humidor isn’t sealing properly and should look at buying a new one.

5. What are the best cigars out there and what are the best brands?

– That is a question that no ‘one’ person can answer since it’s all subjective and based on your own tastes. There are some brands that are more consistent as far as construction goes, but most brands out there these days are actually pretty good. So it’s up to you to decide. Just to name a few, Padron, Ashton and Fuente.

6. How did you develop your palette to taste all the flavors in your reviews? Do you use any aids while smoking a cigar to pull out certain flavors?

– Taste is very subjective; two people can have the exact same cigar and taste totally different flavors. I think I have an average palette, there are some people out there who taste way more/less flavors than I do. So again, it’s all subjective. But for the most part I just smoke a cigar and taste what I taste; there is no secret to it. No I do not use
aides while I’m reviewing cigars.

7. Should I remove the cellophane wrappers from my cigars before placing them in my humidor? Does this affect any of the flavors?

– Cellophane is simply for shipping protection so the cigars do not rub against each other and crack. There is no benefit to the cigar if you leave it on, in fact it will slow down acclimation of the cigars. If you have infused cigars in your humidor with non-infused cigars, you may want to leave the cellophane on the flavored cigars. They still might pass the flavor onto the non-flavored cigars but it might slow the transfer down. I suggest storing flavored cigars in a separate humidor so the flavors don’t transfer to your non-flavored cigars. But again, it’s all up to your preference, if you want to leave them on great, if you want to store all your cigars together, great, again it’s a personal choice.

8. How do you get sponsors for your blog? Do they pay you for the advertising or is it free advertising for them?

– I sell banner space on an annual basis on my website. Some companies do send me cigars to review but that is simply to get their name or product out there in my review.

9. Can you post a video of your personal humidor collection?

– No, I do not want to ‘brag’ about my personal collection, not that everyone who posts a personal humidor video are bragging but I don’t do that. Also my collection changes so often, what is in there now probably won’t be in there by next week.

10. Will you ever post a blooper reel?

– No, not because I don’t want to, because I think that would be hilarious, but there are usually no bloopers, 99% of the time I just press record and that’s it. On occasion I might have a flub up because of the ridiculously long names the companies put on their cigars, so it may take me a few tries to get the exact name right, but other than that there usually aren’t any issues.

11. Is there a way to sort your reviews by strength so I can choose cigars in the area of strength I like?

– I’m actually working on that, since imp using WordPress there are database limitations, but yes imp trying to put something like that together once WordPress will allow it to work the way I want it to, searching for flavors, strength etc.

12. Do you know of any cigars that ladies may like, I am sort of new to cigars and my wife is not thrilled about it and

she hates smoke. So could you do one video telling women to relax and let their husband smoke a cigar after a hard day at the office?

– I could make a video, but I can’t make any of them watch it. I’m in the same boat there, my wife doesn’t like smoke either, she makes me wash my hands wash my goatee and change my clothes after each review. That’s just the way it is. ha-ha

13. My favorite cigar so far is the Camacho Connecticut, this one is mild to mild-medium, do you know of any cigars that are similar?

– Unfortunately I am not a cigar encyclopedia and I don’t have the best memory which is exactly why I created the website, so I can keep track of what I was getting out of cigars. I wish I could remember all the flavors and strengths and bodies of all the cigars I’ve had so I could tell people which cigars are similar. My suggestion would be to search the site for key words, scan through the reviews and search for the flavors you are looking for.

14. On a perfect day what would your cigar of choice be and what would you drink to compliment it?

– I don’t have a ‘one’ cigar choice, it all depends on the time of day, what I’m doing, what I’m in the mood for, so I cannot really just pick one. There is a list on the site of my updated favorites that have really stuck out after I’ve smoked them, so you could check that out to see which my favored cigars are. As far as a drink, that’s kind of the same, I drink things such a really cold Pilsner to a thick stout. I love craft beers, I like baileys on ice. All of those are my personal favorites to pair with cigars, but threes no rule to it; you should just try different things.

15. What is your favorite type of cigar?

– My favorite characteristics are a medium to full body cigar, which means lots of flavor and not full strength. Coffees, cream, chocolate, steak, salts, sometimes leather, but that’s rare. I like the move savory flavors.

16. If I keep two totally different cigars close together will they take on the same flavors over time?

-Yes and no, the ones that are touching can over a long period of time take on subtle characteristics, but nothing anyone would ever be able to notice.

17. I’m new to cigars, how do I go about identifying and tasting flavors in cigars?

– Id say the easiest way would be to find a review of a cigar that notes very distinct flavors and smoke that exact same cigar so you can taste those flavors while the person is reviewing it and describing each flavor.

Video Transcription 2

1. How many cigars do you have sitting in your humidors at one time and how/where do you buy most of your cigar?

— I don’t want to brag about how many cigars I have, but I have a lot of them. I buy them from my local B&M’s and online, I find online to be better prices and more convenient. I buy samplers and boxes, whatever I’m in the mood for.

2. How do you recognize if my cigars are over and under humidified?

— Nobody can tell you what humidification level is good for you. My suggestion is to start high, say 70% and work down from there. If your cigars are burning wonky and not staying lit etc, then lower the humidity, wait a few weeks to a couple months and try again, keep doing this until you have found a good % that allows you to smoke a cigar with no problems. It’s going to take some trial and error.

3. What is the deal with the cigar ash color and length?

— The ash acts as an insulator, it keeps the cherry cool. You want the burn as cool as possible while smoking. As for the length of the ash, it’s purely a cool factor, past an inch or so it really has no physical effect. As for the color of the ash, it’s just an appearance thing; it’s just cool to see a bright white ash.

4. What are some ways to help develop your palette?

— I don’t think there is anything you can really do to train your palette. I guess the best way would be to smoke the same cigar as someone doing a review so you can see the flavors they are getting and see if you can get the same. Not everyone will taste the same flavors though. I will say, practice make perfect.

5. Do you ever visit the cigar aficionado website or purchase their magazine?

— Yes I visit their website and no I do not buy their magazine.

6. What would be your one perfect cigar?

— I don’t have a one favorite cigar; it really depends on what mood I’m in.

7. Have you ever thought or dreamed about entering the cigar industry?

— No, my passion and love is photography. I have never had any ambition to work in the cigar industry.

8. When is the first annual Bryan Glynn paint my fence contest, there seems to be a wealth of advertising area that is not being taken advantage of?

— Great idea, ill see you here first thing tomorrow and ill even supply the paint.

9. Can you tell me why the inside of the ash is a different color than others?

— It all depends on the soil quality, what the company used for Wrapper, binder and filler. Some leaves give off a different color when burned.

10. How long have you been enjoying cigars and what turned you towards them in the first place?

— I’ve been smoking them since high school. I got turned on to them ever since my buddies and I used to play pool next to a cigar shop. Since I quit smoking cigarettes I’ve started smoking them more.

11. Is it ok to store all kinds of different cigars together in the same humidor, Maduro Connecticut’s, Habano’s etc?

— Yes its perfectly fine to do that, the only reason it would matter is if you are storing flavored cigars with non-flavored, even then it would take many months to actually take on the flavors.

12. Would you be willing to post a humidor logistics video such as the groupings flavored, certain wrappers etc?

— No I would not do that, I don’t categorize my cigars like that.

13. Is there any value to purging a cigar?

— I’ve seen a lot of people with different theories about this. Purging pushes air back through the cigar heating up the cherry which obviously makes things burn more. I like my cherry as small and cool as possible. The only time I find purging to be helpful is when you have a large tar build up that can get re-distributed if purged properly. But other than that, I don’t see a lot of benefit to it.

14. I have a small humidor and it holds consistently at 66%, I purchased 70% beads and have tested my hygrometer and my humidor is properly sealed as it consistently hold at 66%, what’s your thoughts on this?

— Honestly, if you can guarantee your humidor is all set then my guess is that you actually have 65% beads in there, whether you bought the wrong ones or they sent you the wrong ones, id try buying another set of 70% beads and see if that brings your humidity up. Also a humidor works better when it has less free space, so if you have a 50 count humidor with 5 cigars in it, it will fluctuate more.

15. On a few occasions I have noticed I get more flavors out of the first few puffs of a cigar usually when I have not smoked a cigar in a while. Is this just because I have spent some time away from the tastes of cigars or could it be another reason?

— It could be all in your head, but flavors in cigars are released at different times at different temperatures. That’s why when I first light a cigar I always let it rest so the cherry can cool down because I do not like the warm nutty flavors a cigar gives off when its burning too hot. I wouldn’t stress over the first light flavors too much.

16. Do the different style cigars and cigar caps have any effect on the cigar at all like belicoso, straight, perfecto etc.?

— In theory the shape of a cigar like one with a tapered tip, supposedly condenses the flavors so you get a richer draw. I personally have not noticed anything like, I do usually get more knots or construction issues with tapered cigars from improper rolling.

17. I remember reading a review once where the guy said he loves the taste of Peruvian tobacco, I know you said where a tobacco was from has no distinct effect on taste but maybe a generality is that still true?

— Yes, it wasn’t so much the tobacco, as it was the specific leaf. If someone says this cigar has Peruvian tobacco, which might be one leaf out of 10 in a particular cigar. Generally cigars from the Dominican may be milder than those form cigars from Nicaragua, but that’s generally due to what the blender decides to put in it, you can have a strong or mild tobacco from anywhere.

18. Can you tell us the difference between bloom and plume and mold?

—Plume and Bloom is actually the same thing; people just call it by different names. Basically it’s the crystallized oils in the cigar over a long long period of time coming to the surface and looks like someone sprinkled powdered sugar very evenly over the entire cigar. Mold is mold; it’s a fungus, it will be fuzzy, the closer you look at it you can see its structure, it looks like mini mushrooms. It’s not going to be even, sometimes the tip of a cigar can be covered in mold and nowhere else and it can have a color to it.

19. I do not have anywhere in the house to put my cigars that would be under 70-80 degrees, I do freeze my cigars and have never had an issue with beetles is this still ok?

— If you cannot store your cigars near 70 to 75 degrees, you absolutely cannot store cigars, you must store cigars at the proper temperatures and humidity so mold doesn’t grow.

20. I hear that many companies freeze their cigars before shipping, what is your take on freezing cigars?

— Yes a vast majority of cigars are deep frozen before they are shipped outside of the factory. They freeze them to -40 degrees which kills literally everything that would ever grow on the cigars. It takes extremely cold temperatures to rid cigars of beetles; I just don’t trust the regular home freezers because they don’t get cold enough. You’re not going to hurt anything but I just don’t recommend it.

21. Any new pet peeves?

— These days the only thing that is pissing me off is copy cats stealing my images, videos and ideas.

22. Are you addicted to smoking cigars?

– No.

23. What are some ways you can rid yourself of the cigars smell after a smoke?

— I immediately triple wash my hands in hot water as well as my face, I use mouth wash and brush my teeth and I have specific clothes that I smoke in and keep them in a separate area.

24. Are the cigars you buy online the same quality as the ones you can buy from a local B&M?

— It’s a myth that they are different cigars, a lot of local B&M like to scare their customers and tell them that it’s not the same quality cigar. That’s Bull Shit, what’s not bull shit is the quality of the cigar when you smoke it, can be different. This is due to the way they are stored between the factory and you. There are no quality differences between B&M and online stores.

25. Are you still using cigar register or something else?

–– No I do not use any of them, but there are some really good apps on your phones. The one that impressed me the most was CigarBoss.

26. What does B&M stand for?

— Brick & Mortar, meaning it’s an actual store instead of an online retailer.

27. I have had a few cigars go out on me about half way through revealing a hard crispy spot, what causes this?

–– I’m not 100% sure, but all I can tell you is that it’s almost like a reversed knot where the cigar opens up and burns extremely hot and created a charcoal like substance, just snip it off and light it again.

28. What causes tar balls?

— Too little fermentation on the leaves inside the cigar. Meaning the leaves are still young. From what I understand, if the leaves are fermented for a longer period of time, the tar dissipates.

29. How do you keep your humidors cool while living in a warm humid state?

— Air Conditioning.

30. Why don’t you review Cuban Cigars?

— I’ve done a few of them, but I’m not really comfortable with doing it. Mainly 95% of my viewers don’t care about them because we cannot buy them locally or legally.

31. Do you know of any cigars that are between 15-30 minutes of burntime?

— Those would not be cigars, you are looking for cigarillos. Try the Rosa Cuba Angels, you can find these for under $20 for a bundle of 20 a little longer than 30 minutes but a great smoke and its cheap so if you don’t smoke the whole thing it’s not a big deal. But if you’re looking for something less than 30 minutes, check out cigarillos.

32. Should you rotate your cigars in the humidor?

— You should rotate only if you have a humidor that allows really deep stacking, like 5 or 6 rows of cigars stacked on top of each other. Every few weeks or so I’d rotate them.

33. Does your expertise in cigars and run the CO website help, hinder or have no effect on your photography business?

— It definitely helps me. As time has gone on I am getting a lot of cigar photography jobs because of the website but on the other hand, I have people who hire me who have seen my photography but have no idea that the site even exists and is mine.

34. How long does it take for a cigar to get ‘dryboxed’?

— That completely depends on the cigar, where the cigar has been stored and where it’s being moved to. But typically when the cigar is moved from a humidor, the outside wrapper is what slowly dries out.

35. What is the best way to bring back a dry cigar?

— Depends how long they have been drying out. But let’s say if you forget to add water to your humidor and the humidity goes down to 50%. You will need to slowly bring up the humidity until it reaches the normal humidity. This needs to be done in small increments over a long period of time. If you bring up the humidity too fast the cigars can crack and split.

36. What’s the best way to get flavors out of a cigar while smoking it, some people say chocolate?

— That would be a paring thing, I usually don’t get into pairing cigars with food or drink. If I’m eating or drinking I generally want to taste those and not a cigar. It’s just personal choice, but I just smoke a cigar and get the flavors that I get.

37. I carry a cigar in a sleeve, how long can I carry a cigar in it before its gone bad?

— Those are usually sealed pretty good, so you could easily carry it in there for a few days without worrying as long as you don’t open it too often. Just don’t let it get too hot.

38. What is the best way to get the most smoke out of a cigar?

— Just smoke it slowly. This will guarantee the most flavors.

39. Should I remove the cedar wrappers from the cigars before placing them in my humidor and can you have too much cedar?

— No you don’t have to remove the cedar from the cigar; actually cedar does prevent beetle outbreaks and is a really good humidity buffer. No you cannot have too much cedar.

40. Do you ever re-light a cigar once its gone out and has been a while wince its last been lit?

— I personally do not re-light cigars once they have been put out because the flavors are terrible and reek.

41. Can you use a regular cigar box as a humidor?

— 99.99% of the time no, I know of very few cigar boxes that can actually be used as a humidor.

42. At what size ring gauge would you say a cigar is too large to burn perform properly and what would be the best size?

— Generally once you get passed the mid 50’s you are increasing the odds of getting consistency issues. Of course there are some exceptions to everything, but once a cigar contains more and more filler to create the larger ring gauges, you get issues.

43. Does cutting the cigar prior to smoking it affect it in any way?

— You can pre cut all your cigars if you want to and store them in your humidor, it makes no difference cutting them or leaving the caps intact.

44. My local tobacconist keeps their cigars at 61%, should I be worried?

— If its smoking fine, no. 61% is perfectly fine, usually anywhere in the 60’s is fine for burning and flavors. If you get below that, you’re going to see some diminishing flavors.

45. Why do some cigars differ in smoke output than others?

— Simply the blend. Some leaves smoke more than others.

46. What flavors do you prefer in a cigar?

— The only flavor I really hate is anis flavor, but I like all kinds, it depends what I’m in the mood for.

47. Do you ever get cravings for a cigar?

— Sure, the same way I get cravings for Pizza or taco Bell, its good.

48. Are there any notes specific to Cuban tobacco that others don’t have?

— There are no sure fire distinct flavors that come from a certain country in particular. Yes there are some soil and weather differences but, what you taste in a cigar is what they have decided to blend in it.

49. Is there any way to tell by the cigar box or cellophane how long a cigar has been in a B&M?

— Not really, if the cellophane around the cigar is yellowing, that’s a good indication it’s been there for a while. Other than that, there is no way to tell when the box was received or opened. Only Cuban Cigars have tracking stamps or dates on them.

50. Do cigars purchased through the mail need to rest longer in a humidor than ones purchased through a local B&M?
— They usually do, not because they come from an online store, but because of shipping. They go through quite a few humidity changes while in route. In my opinion, you want cigars to sit in a properly humidified humidor for at least 2 weeks to get properly acclimated.

51. I purchased 65% Heartfelt Beads a few weeks ago and did not wet them yet, but the humidor is still registering at 70%. Are they still sucking up the excess humidity?

— If you didn’t wet them and they are the 65% and you are working with an accurate hygrometer, then yes they are slowly absorbing the excess humidity, it takes time.

52. How do you use Heartfelt Beads?

— I buy them by the pound, I go to Wal-Mart and pick up ladies nylons and cut them into small lengths and put in how ever many beads you need for your size humidor, tie off the end and you have a nice sack that will actively humidify your humidor. The important thing to remember is not to have anything touching the beads while in the humidor because that will wick the moisture from the beads and into whatever is touching them and cause mold. To charge the beads, go buy a gallon of distilled water, don’t use tap water as this will eventually clog the beads with all the minerals and chemicals in the tap water. Pour some water into a bowl, then place the sack of beads into the water for 30-40 seconds, remove them and let them drain. Then place the beads into a small cup or shallow container and place it into your humidor. You can tell when the beads need to be charged again because they turn white. When charged, they are almost clear. If you’re using them to soak up humidity, you can place the beads into your humidor dry, which will slowly decrease the humidity in the humidor. If you need to dry them out fist, you can use a hairdryer on low and slowly dry the beads out. Do not place them in an oven, only use the hairdryer. Also, don’t use kitty litter, it’s not uniform in size and it’s bad for you if it gets on or in your cigars, period.

53. Have you ever been approached by a cigar manufacturer to create your own blend of cigar? If so, what would Bryan Glynn cigar look and taste like?

— Not really, I have had a few offers of doing some partner ships but I’m not really interested into that. In general I guess my cigars would look and taste like a Padron 1964.

54. What is the best way to flavor a cigar with liquor and what is the best liquor to use?

— The best method is, don’t! They are not meant for doing that. If you want to pair something with them, have your drink and have your cigar.

55. What are some other countries that yield good cigars?

— Tobacco is only grown in a small area right in the equator band. There aren’t many places in the world that can properly grow tobacco. So the countries you see producing cigars are good for a reason, they have the best conditions to grow the best tobacco. Other countries can grow tobacco but with less luck.

56. Why do I need to retro hale to get any flavors, if I don’t I just get a burnt tobacco taste, is this common?

— I would say you’re probably too tense. Relax a bit, let your nasal passages open and don’t try too hard, just relax.

57. When is the last time you paid for a cigar?

— Just a couple days ago.

58. How old is the oldest cigar in your humidor?

— 16 years.

59. What are some cheap cigars that if aged become great?

— None, aging doesn’t enhance the actual flavor profile if anything it diminishes it.

60. I notice that pipe tobacco is more expensive at a shop than online, but cigars are generally the same price, why is that?

— That is not true, you simply live in a state that has a really low tobacco tax. Most states are more expensive in a local B&M than online.

61. Why do you like a guillotine cutter as opposed to any others?

— I like it more because it gives me a better draw and the guillotine cut is how most blenders design the cigars to be smoked so it allows the most amount of flavors to be released.

62. What is the best cigars to smoke during a golf game?

— No idea, I hate golf whichever one you like.

63. How do you get your wife to let you smoke a cigar uninterrupted?

— My wife doesn’t ‘let’ me do anything.

64. What is your best recommendation to unplug a plugged cigar?

— It depends on what’s causing the plug. If it’s a knot caused by improper rolling, there is not much you can do except get past that knot, you can try rolling it around between your fingers to see if that loosens the draw. If it’s a plugged head, like in a torpedo or belicoso, you can snip the head a little lower down to see if the draw will open up. Sometimes you can use a draw poker which pokes a hole in the center of the cigars but in most cases this leads to tunneling.

65. Why do I always have a dry mouth when smoking cigars?

— Sometimes the type of leaves or blends of a cigar can cause a dry mouth. If it’s a real problem for you, you can always have a glass of water while you smoke.

66. What are your opinions on underage smoking?

— Don’t do it.

67. What’s the best lighter to use for a cigar?

— The only thing you want to avoid are lighters based on a traditional liquid fuel, you want to make sure the lighters use butane, other than that it’s up to you.

68. Are cigars that aren’t kept in idea conditions subject to cutting issues or burning issues?

— Yes, if you store your cigars too dry and go to cut them you can crack the head or the cigar and start to unravel. If they are over humidified the heads can mush while trying to cut. As far as burn issues, you can have tunneling, uneven burn.

69. How long should you leave your cigar in your humidor to age?

— The only reason you need to have it aging or acclimating is when you just recently get new cigars, other than that it’s personal choice but you should leave them in at least 2 weeks to rest.

Video Transcription 3

1. If using beads for humidification where 60% is too low and 65% is too high will using 50/50 render the humidity somewhere in the middle?

— Yes in theory, but I doubt your having some kind of problem that is making a 2.5% difference. I would make sure your hygrometer is calibrated and how full your humidor. That small amount of movement usually won’t cause noticeable issues.

2. I was wondering if the humidity level of a cigar only mutes the flavors or can they be completely changed?

— Yes it can do both.

3. What kind of butane is acceptable to use in lighter?

— Any butane that says it has been triple refined. There are some brands out there that refine it more, but it’s not needed. Brand does not matter.

4. In almost every cigar I have ever smoked I get a weird after taste when I get down to the end of the stick, it’s kind of like anis or licorice, is this normal?

— Yes, that’s what I’m talking about when I say I’m getting a warm nutty taste. When you smoke a cigar all the tar that gets sucked into the cigar as you smoke it and it all ends yup at the end of the stick. Generally when I get to that point I end it. End it if its not tasting good to you anymore. There’s no reason to continue to smoke a cigar if its tasting bad. To some people that might even be at the half way point. It’s ok, smoking cigars should be a pleasurable thing, if it’s not, stop.

5. How can you tell a well made humidor from a poorly made one?

— Unfortunately there is no ‘easy’ answer. 99% of what you find online are made in China, not necessarily a bad thing, but they are usually all coming from the same suppliers. I have seen huge quality differences, but I have to have them in hand to be able to tell. It can be as annoying as a trial and error type thing. The most important thing about a humidor is how it seals. They all pretty much seal pretty well these days. So as long as the lid seals well to the body it will function as a humidor.

6. Have you ever used a draw poker on a stick to loosen up the draw?

— I have on a couple occasions, but I don’t get that many knotted cigars these days; I haven’t really used it in years.

7. Do you have any experience with air filtration systems?

— No unfortunately I don’t, everyone I know smokes outdoors or inside if they don’t really care.

8. What is the purpose of adding cedar to a coolador?

— It’s just for humidity; cedar is a buffer for humidity, this works well if you don’t have a lot of sticks. But it’s not needed.

9. How much difference do you tend to find between individual cigars that’s part of a single line?

— That’s totally up to the quality control in the company. But I usually find very little differences.

10. Do you have any cigars in your humidor that you’ve had for years that you are saving for a special occasion?

— Yes I have some that I am hesitant to smoke just because they are not in production anymore, like the Tatuaje Anarchy. Just stuff that I really enjoy, and no I’m not saving any for any particular occasion.

11. How do you buy your Heartfelt Beads?

— By the pound.

12. Is it ok to store cigars under 70 degrees?

— Yes, it’s ok to store cigars cold, it’s just harder to keep the humidity up.

13. What is the best way to kill the sick feeling after a really strong cigar?

— A spoonful of sugar will raise your blood sugar which will rid you of that feeling. You can use anything with sugar in it.

14. Can you use any foam when building a travel humidor?

— You don’t really want to use foam number one, use beads. If for some reason you really want to use foam you need florist foam, which holds water.

15. What is the best way to bring dry cigars back to life?

— There is no way to bring cigars whose oils have completely evaporated and dried out back to life.

16. Does it really make a difference if you use distilled water or regular tap water when you’re recharging your humidifier?

— It doesn’t to the cigars but it does to the humidification device. In tap water you have minerals and chemicals which over time can clog your device. The H2O evaporates but everything else is left behind which makes the device less and less effective over time.

17. Does it make a difference when smoking a cigar straight from a local B&M shop or should I get a humidor to improve the cigar?

— If you’re lucky enough to have a B&M that has their cigars perfectly humidified, then by all means smoke them, if not, id pick up a humidor for them.

18. Is it worth it to buy more expensive cutter and lighters?

— I don’t think price itself has any bearing on quality. I personally think the Cuban crafter cutter is the best cutter out there for the money. As far as lighters, it’s hit or miss. It’s mostly personal preference. Find one that works for you and stick with it.

19. How do you feel about cigar punches?

— I don’t like them, cigars are meant to be smoked with a normal cut off cap, they are blended that way specifically.

20. How annoyed do you get with viewers commenting first second or third on your videos?

— I don’t.

21. Besides sloppy rollers what are your other pet peeves when it comes to cigars?

— I can’t say I really have any pet peeves. The only thing that really bothers me about cigars is if it has poor construction. The thing that bothers me when I’m out is when you have a cigarette smoker smoking in a cigar bar where it ruins the aroma of the room.

22. What’s the trick to keeping a long ash, when I’m smoking the ash always falls off after about an inch or so?

— That’s perfectly normal; you want the ash to fall off normally so it doesn’t disrupt the cherry.

23. How do you choose the sticks for review?

— I generally review the sticks in the order I received them in.

24. How long is the backlog for a review?

— About a few months.

25. How do you like the viewers to send in their sticks, one at a time or multiples?

— I don’t have any requirements, if you want to send me one stick, thank you I appreciate it, donations are just appreciated.

26. Are the tobacco leaves frozen before importation like cigars are?

— I doubt they freeze the leaves as well, as far as I know they only freeze the finished products.

27. When are beetles a problem?

–– When your temperature is above 80 degrees and the humidity is above 75%.

28. How does a cigar take on the certain flavors if it’s not flavored?

— It’s not actually flavors, it’s just certain blends that trigger certain thought of the taste of chocolate or nut or leather. It mostly comes from how the cigar is blended.

29. How does a company assure certain sub brands of cigars will all taste the same without going by trial and error?
— Blending experience. The blenders know which leaves will give off what and they usually have a certain blend in mind that they are trying to put together. It’s really a lot of trial and error.

30. How do you get flavor transitions to be so consistent between cigars?

— It’s all about how the cigar is constructed, they place certain leaves in certain spots to blend together which is how each third of the cigar is created. Sometimes the tip of the tobacco leaf gives off a distinct flavor they want so they will rip off just the tip and place it within the cigar.

31. Does the wrapper of a cigar dictate the strength of a cigar?

— How much nicotine in a cigar dictates whether or not it has a lot of strength. There is no correlation between a leaf and the strength. It’s all up to the blender.

32. Will my cigars take on any taste if I store them in a coolador even after its washed out?

— I’ve stored my cigars in coolers for years and I have no issues.

33. I really love the background music in your videos what artists do you use?

— All of the music is computer generated, not artists were used.

34. Are there cigars out there that just won’t age well?

— I’m sure there are, but all aging does is really fade the flavors away. I honestly don’t recommend aging at home.

35. Are there any other reviewers on line that you find useful or don’t you really care about them?

—It’s not that I don’t care about them, I just don’t want any other perceptions in my head of how the cigar might taste or smoke so my review is 100% from me. But yes I have a few that I like, feel free to check out the Links section and you can see the ones I peruse.

36. Is there any investment value in buying limited edition cigars?

— If there is, it is so insignificant I don’t know anybody who does it. I’m sure there is a market for it but I’d imagine it’s a fraction of the buying public. Cigars are meant to be smoked.

37. Are there any cigar blenders you follow?

— Not particularly, there is a whole bunch out there that I like.

38. Where can you find the information about the blenders, is it readily available online?

— Unfortunately there is no real reliable central source. For the most part, not all the companies are going to tell you who’s blending their stuff. I would suggest if you have a cigar you really like, contact the company and ask.

39. What causes my cigars wrapper to split at the foot?

— Too much humidity too fast. Humidity changes need to be done very slowly.

40. Are there any cigar books you would recommend?

— I have no idea, I have never even looked for something like that.

41. When a new company starts up, who gets the rights to distribute them?

— There are no rights or privileges to distribute them; it’s up to the company to make and distribute them.

42. Have your cigar tates over the years changed?

— No, they are the same, I still like what I like.

43. A bulk of my cigars basically explode while cutting them, what is causing this?

— Your humidity is either way too low or the cutter blades are junk.

44. Every now and then I have a cigar from my humidor that seems to be quite a bit dryer than the others in the same humidor, are there some cigars that are actually dryer than others or do you think there is a storage issue?

— I would say they are probably not dryer but you are noticing some of the cigars different characteristics. Every roll and pack won’t be the same; neither will the leaves used to create the cigar. Maybe if you see a smoking difference, but it’s hard to say.

45. Can you talk about what cigars are supposed to be smoked at which times of day?

— There is a science behind that but my schedule doesn’t allow me to pick and choose certain cigars to smoke and when. You can Google that though, thee are studies out there. Personally I want a milder cigar in the morning because I don’t want a huge nicotine rush kicking me in the butt first thing.

46. How do you store your cigars by age, wrapper, or maker?

— I don’t, im not that anal, it doesn’t make a difference.

47. How do you manage an ever growing collection of cigars?

— I buy more coolers.

48. Have you ever tried milk as a palette cleanser?

— I have never done multiple reviews back to back so I have not had to cleanse my palette like that.

49. Have you ever given a poor performing cigar a second chance for a review?

— Not specifically, I’m not opposed to doing it, it’s just a time thing. Luckily it is very very rare that I get bad construction like that. Like I’ve said, I think we are in the golden age of cigars right now so thankfully there aren’t too many that I receive that are that poorly made.

50. Are there any food or drinks you use to get the cigar taste out of your mouth so you don’t wake up with it?

— I honestly don’t use any food or drink to do that. I use mouthwash and brush my teeth. As well as washing my hands and face a few times.

51. Has there ever been an effort to create a United States Grown Premium Tobacco?

— There already is, you don’t see US grown tobacco too much because it’s just not monetarily worth it for companies to be growing tobacco here when we only get a couple months of good growing weather while other countries can grow successfully year round.

52. What are your ultimate goals for the site?

— To get bigger.

53. What can we do as patrons to facilitate this?

— Share the site, pass it on. Talk about it, spread links, email people, whatever, help us get new viewers.

54. Do you still consider yourself an average smoker or an experienced one?

— When I say I’m an average smoker I don’t mean I’m a new smoker, yes I’m a very experienced smoker, I’ve smoked literally thousands of cigars. Experience that way, lets me do what I do, but I’m still a consumer, I’m not in the business this is just a hobby. So yes, I’m still an average smoker.

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