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Press Release: Espinosa Cigars Releases a 7×70 Cigar

by Bryan Glynn, April 12, 2013
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Press Release: Espinosa Cigars Releases a 7×70 Cigar

“We have already begun shipping to some retailers. The cigars come in 10 count boxes and have an MSRP of $9.99 per cigar.”

On a personal opinion note, I asked them WHY they are continuing this (IMO) stupid huge cigar trend?? They replied “Haha… we gotta give the people what they want!”. Here’s my question to all of you, PLEASE reply to this honestly so they and all the other makers can see (and I would love to know better myself). WHO likes these things? Is there ACTUALLY a large market for them? Every time I post a rant it seems the vast majority of people are like me an understand they are NOT better blends, just watering down the experience in most cases and risking poor construction. I don’t understand WHO is buying them. Is it true what I hear from B&Ms, it’s the newbies that think they are a ‘value’ and they just don’t understand the mechanics of cigars at all? If so, where are the newbies? Why don’t they speak up? I really want to hear from everyone – no judgement, if I’m wrong I’m wrong…PLEASE, give me all you thoughts below and pass this around, I would love for this to be a huge source of GOOD data for the manufacturers to see what at least the online segment of their client base has to say.

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