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Press Release: Hispaniola Cigars Announces the Release of Turei Cigars

by Bryan Glynn, January 25, 2013
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turei_logoPress Release: Hispaniola Cigars Announces the Release of Turei Cigars

Heaven on Earth
January 21st, 2013—The Taino aborigines of the Dominican Republic attributed spiritual qualities to smoking tobacco during their ancient rituals. It was believed that smoking the tobacco leaf would elevate them to “Turei,” translated literally as “Heaven.” Hispaniola Cigars is proud to announce that in January 2013, the spiritual experience of the Tainos will be resurrected by Turei Cigars.
After a series of complex trials and broad acceptance at IPCPR 2012, Hugo F. Melo, a fourth generation master blender and President of Hispaniola Cigars, decided the time was right to release Turei.
The Turei line includes three Dominican puro blends, each offered in a single vitola. The blends feature four-year aged tobaccos to deliver maximum complexity and flavor.

About the blends:
Turei Puro Sol #1: Belicoso (54 x 4.75)
Turei Puro Sol #2: Robusto (54 x 5.25)
Turei Puro Sol #3: Toro (52 x 6)

Turei blends deliver a broad spectrum of flavor experiences, from medium bodied floral and roasted coffee notes to full bodied profiles with light pepper, dark cocoa, cinnamon, and brown sugar.
Melo described naming the new line saying, “The cigars needed a name intrinsically connected to the sensation produced during the experience. In that regard, we believe ‘Turei’ to be fitting.”
The release of the Turei line follows on the heels of the immensely popular offerings from Hispaniola Cigars, which Melo launched in 2002. “We created Hispaniola cigars specifically to honor our friends in the brick and mortar market and to serve as our flagship product,” Melo said. “We hope that Turei will be accepted with similar enthusiasm by smokers in the online and catalog market.”
The new Turei line will be available through major distributors starting January 21st. Retail price for the new Turei line will range between $7 and $8.

About Hispaniola Cigars
For over four generations the Melo and Matos families have been one of the largest producers of the finest organic coffee and aged tobacco in the Dominican Republic, focusing in exportation of coffee as well as supplying some of the largest fine cigar distributors and importers in the Dominican Republic with aged cured tobacco.
In 2002, H. F. Melo, a fourth generation tobacco and coffee master blender, launched the Hispaniola brand to a selective market segment. The launch served as a springboard for other cigars within the distinctive Hispaniola portfolio.
website: www.hispaniolacigars.com
email: info@hispaniolacigars.com
twitter: @hispaniolacigar

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