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Independent Cigar Rep in Mid FL Job

by Bryan Glynn, January 8, 2013
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Are you knowledgeable and passionate about cigars?
Do you love to travel?
Do you love people?
Do you live in the Orlando/Tampa area?

If you answered no to any of the above, stop reading here!

I know of an exciting job opening for the right person(s), but I want to be very upfront about the position, what it means and what life is like if you take it. For someone (probably younger) that REALLY wants to get a foot in the door to the cigar industry, this is the way to do it on the fast track.

What is a cigar rep? You have probably heard the term thrown around but might have wondered what it means. Here’s the position in a nutshell. It means you are representing at least one cigar manufacturer to cigar shops. You travel around to all the shops in your territory, to #1 try and get new shops to carry your line, and #2 get those that already carry your line to order more. That’s the short version. Sounds simple but you have to be a great sales person #1, and have to know your product and your competition #2. Shops are VERY tight with money, like you wouldn’t believe. Getting orders and getting your brand(s) in the door is no easy feat unless it’s some uber brand the public already knows and shops want as a staple, but those don’t need or use reps anyway. Most shops have no space. The other reps for the other brands are doing the same as you, competing to get the shop to carry more boxes on the shelves and get better placement. You have to sell!

This is NOT a 9-5 job. You will be out and about all day, hitting as many shops as you can – you are working FOR YOURSELF. It’s commission. The better you are, the more you make, it’s a simple as that. Get more new shops to carry your brand, $$$. Get shops to order more lines, $$$. Get shops to order more quantity, $$$! You will be working nights and weekends, you will be going to and staffing events! Events are actually a LOT of fun and time flies. You are there to just help people choose the right cigar from the line, talk about the product and meet new people!

You will be carrying a ton of samples in your car. You absolutely HAVE to have reliable transportation and a good driving record. This is a road job. You don’t deliver orders but you do let shops try things, give marketing materials, etc. After you establish good relationships it becomes pure fun, seeing people that become friends, swapping stories, talking about the industry all day. Oh, and yeah, it means you can smoke cigars all day if you choose to 😉

You do NOT need to be a total expert about cigars. All the necessary training will be taught to the right person(s). You need first and foremost to LOVE cigars. You need to know all the basics, have a great understanding of the construction and nuances – but don’t need to be a blender 😉

So it’s real simple – if ALL of the above fits your bill, send me your resume. I will be collecting them as they come in and passing them on to a manufacturer that’s looking for a rep. If so inclined they will be contacting you for further action/interviews. The territory looking to start is between Orlando and Tampa, so you need to be somewhere around here. Where you go from there is up to you later. Don’t ask me for the manufacturer’s name, I’m just doing them a favor to get the word out to a targeted audience.

Send your resume here: bryan@cigarobsession.com

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