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Quick IPCPR Update

by Bryan Glynn, August 5, 2012
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I just got home from IPCPR, what little I got to see (just today) was really cool! There was no point in trying to do any kind of interviews or anything elaborate this time, I only had one day I could possibly attend due to two days of shooting weddings both Fri and Sat. As it was, I was on just a couple hours sleep today, having finished with yesterday’s 14 hour wedding shoot at 4am and having to drive 2 hours to Orlando first thing in the morning. So I concentrated on getting some cool shots of just about every booth so all of you could really get a feel for the show as a whole. I got about 95% of the cigar booths, and skipped the non cigar stuff like pipes, chew, hookah, canes, trinkets, etc. I reconnected with clients, met some people in person that I only had the chance to talk with online, saw some fellow bloggers…and before I knew it the day was done and security was kicking us out after shutting off the lights 🙂

I didn’t ask for a single sample (nothing wrong with that if you are a blogger though) but was handed about 40 just walking around snapping pics, when people recognized me (still feels very weird). I’ll of course review them all over the coming months! I got the inside scoop on some cool new projects, some of which I can’t talk about but I’m excited for the next 12 months in the industry.

Bottom line it was a good show for the industry, but it is returning to Vegas for at least the next two years, almost no one I talked to was happy with the Orlando turnout for multiple reasons. Hopefully my schedule allows me to attend the whole show next time.

For awesome in depth coverage of the new lines and personalities of the companies head over to Stogie Review, they have all of that covered in spades and do a great job. I got to talk with Brian briefly today, he was the only one of their crew that could stay through the end with the others having to return last night.

Below you can view my gallery/slideshow of the 2012 IPCPR Show, hopefully I can give you a nice glimpse in to what it was like being in the room! These pics aren’t edited, I simply don’t have time so they are what they are… For those wondering this was very much a dealer show, it was nothing like a Cigar Festival of ANY kind. It was for the manufacturers to sit down and talk with buyers and make sales orders, that’s all. The consumer has no place in this show whatsoever.

And a HUGE thank you to my client Blanco Cigar Co. for getting me my badge in and letting me stash my stuff behind their booth while I hit the show!


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