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by Bryan Glynn, June 14, 2012
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Miami, Florida – 13 June 2012 – Christian Eiroa’s Tabacaleras Unidas launches palate liberating
Asylum Cigars.
Best described as an unusual yin and yang of partnerships, Asylum Cigars co-founders, Kevin Baxter and Tom Lazuka, share a common dream—freedom. Freedom from the confines traditional business imposes with its restrictive controls and structure. Thanks to Eiroa’s new venture, Tabacaleras Unidas, the diverse duo found the perfect platform to realize their dream—to launch their first cigar brand.
No strangers to the cigar world, Baxter, a former Marine who spent 25 years in corporate America before leaving to pursue his passion for tobacco, and Lazuka, who seamlessly transitioned to Davidoff after 8 years working alongside Eiroa building Camacho Cigars, are ready to kick in the doors.
When asked about the goal of Asylum Cigars to consistently deliver new and innovative taste experiences to cigar enthusiasts, Lazuka stated, “We chose to create our brand with Tabacaleras Unidas because it gives us the ability to meet our customers’ ever-evolving taste preferences. Our partnership with Christian provides access to the finest tobaccos from Nicaragua and worldwide, in addition to his extensive manufacturing knowledge and expertise. We believe we have the best of both worlds.”
For Baxter, he’s found the bridge to his true love—the artistry of cigar making. “During the process of developing the first three lines with Tom and Christian, I’ve rediscovered a sense of purpose and renewed peace of mind—Asylum, if you will.”
The recently launched CLE Cigar Company, Eiroa’s personal return to the marketplace, was the first under the Tabacaleras Unidas umbrella. “The partnership with Baxter and Lazuka,” says Eiroa, “is perfectly aligned with my vision to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to live their dream, while building a strategic portfolio of innovative brands.”
Tabacaleras Unidas Inc. is based in Miami, FL with manufacturing facilities in Honduras and Nicaragua, which produce CLE Cigars and Asylum Cigars.
tabacalerasunidas.com / 800.253.1429

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