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PRESS RELEASE: Cigar Boss For iPhone Releases Version 2.0

by Bryan Glynn, December 6, 2011
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PRESS RELEASE: Cigar Boss For iPhone Releases Version 2.0

Includes over 15 new features that promise to increase daily interaction

Orlando, Florida – November 21, 2011: Cigar Boss for iPhone announced today that version 2.0 of its iOS software was available as a free download on the iOS app store. The Cigar Boss 2.0 release includes over 15 new features as well as multiple bug fixes that were in the previous (V 1.1) app release. Complete with a digital humidor, cigar journal and cigar industry news, along with Facebook and Twitter integration, Cigar Boss 2.0 promises to increase the users daily interaction within the application.

“We had to take the user interaction to the next level.” said Sonny Westmoreland, Cigar Boss’s CEO. “We found ourselves with this really useful tool, but the user interaction was extremely limited. Once you got the cigar information you were looking for, there was no other reason to be in the app.” Cigar Boss has remedied this problem with the addition of features that users would interact with daily.

“Adding the digital humidor where users can keep track of their cigar inventory was an easy solution, but we didn’t want to stop there. That’s why we added a notes section, where users can keep track of the cigars they smoke and their thoughts on that cigar. We also added a section where new release cigars could be found, a featured cigar, a top-ten list, a cigar-wiki page and Facebook and Twitter integration.”

Cigar Boss has also made improvements to the app that appear below the surface as well. “The most frequent complaint that we heard from 1.1 was about the user leaving the app when they wanted to read a professional review, so we added an in-app browser that allows the app to flow better.” A host of other changes include being able to get the phone number and directions to all local cigar stores, fixing an issue where older devices couldn’t load the app, and a bug that caused the favorites feature not to work correctly.

While Cigar Boss continues to grow at a rapid pace (over 6,500 users at time of writing), the company’s main focus is still on the user. “We get 30-40 emails a week asking for the addition of new cigars and app improvements, and everyone of the those emails are replied to with a promise to continue creating the perfect cigar app.” “We want to create an app that every cigar enthusiast will use every single day. We want to help spread the knowledge, care and joy that cigar smoking can bring.”

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