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PRESS RELEASE: M. Misti Cigar Company, Inc. / Crown Jewel International

by Bryan Glynn, November 14, 2011
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M. Misti Cigar Company enters into exclusive U.S. Distribution agreement with international cigar icons.

Palm Coast, Florida – (November 14th, 2011) M. Misti Cigar Company announced today the completion and finalization of it’s exclusive U.S. cigar distribution agreement with GBP, LLC.

M. Misti Cigar Company has been selected by the executive team of GBP, LLC to be the exclusive U.S. distributor of the prestigious and award winning Don Duarte Cigar lines. Mr. Mark Mistie Jr., Corporate Director for M. Misti Cigar Company stated, “Talk about legendary icons. Mr. Evelio Oviedo is a maestro level Cuban roller and creator of famous award winning blends such as the Monte Cristo #1 & #4, and H. Upmann Cuban Series; along with Mr. Nestor Plasencia (one of the largest and most respected Nicaraguan cigar growers and manufacturers in the world) and Dr. Roger Duarte and his family, who were the original founders of Esteli which have helped shape the Nicaraguan tobacco industry, what an exciting team. We are both humbled and thrilled with this opportunity.”

Mark Mistie Jr., further stated, “Our performance and expectation is that we will be selling a half million (500,000) units this fiscal year. The retail price is anticipated at approximately $8 to $9 dollars at the customer level. This reflects about ($4,500,000) four and half million dollars in retail sales, and as long as we avoid the “Fad” factor this product is here to stay.” A true “Old Fashion” premium Nicaraguan cigar, supported by an extensive internal and external marketing program.

Dr. Roger Duarte, Chief Executive Officer of GBP, LLC, states, “We are proud to be in business with an organization that advocates “old fashion common sense” approaches to its company’s mission and process. Their company’s growth and cigar brand achievements as demonstrated by the growth of their Crown Jewel line are staggering; far surpassing industry averages and standards. This company is result driven, not only in selling cigars, but as well in it’s branding and enhancement of the cigar lifestyle.”

M. Misti Cigar Company, Inc. / Crown Jewel International is a privately held Premium Cigar Manufacturer and Distribution Company. The company currently has product distribution in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Nevada, Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

Corporate Contact: Ms. Kim Rotunno – 386.338.5804

Product Information: Mr. Mark Mistie Jr. – 386.338.5962

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