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Thompson Using SPAM For Advertisement?

by Bryan Glynn, September 17, 2011
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I have heard dozens and dozens of stories from people talking about all the nasty sales techniques from Thompson Cigars. Things ranging from unsolicited phone calls to endless sales emails, fraudulent credit card charges, unauthorized purchase of the cigar club membership, you name it.

As as test I signed up with their mailing list a little while ago using a specific email account that has nothing to do with my cigar site. A couple days ago I received a spam email with what looked like a link to a Thompson page for one of their craptastic samplers. I deleted the email without looking in to it, it was obvious spam and I didn’t even connect it with Thompson, thinking it was a coincidence. It was not addressed to me, it was poorly written and the link was actually to a url shortening service. I didn’t want to get infected!

Well just now I received a 2nd email of the same type, from a different fictitious name but with the same content. This time I followed the link, using my phone browser. Sure enough it went through a tracking site then dumped me at the Thompson craptastic sampler page. Below you will find the email with the link stripped out.

Hey Uncle Joe,
Here is that cigar deal I told you about, got it yesterday and already smoked the Perdomo 10th Anniversary, man it was nice.
Like I said it comes with 5 premium cigars, metal travel case and torch lighter for 20 bucks, the cigar was almost worth that alone!.

here’s the link tompsoncigar.com/cigartraveller

See ya next week.

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