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Press Release: Forcade Cigars Seminar US Tour 2011

by Bryan Glynn, August 16, 2011
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Forcade Cigars
E: claudio.sgroi@forcadecigars.com
P: 305.233.5104
Forcade Cigars will reveal all the history and expertise hidden inside cigars during their first Seminar Tour around the United States starting this September 2011
This Seminar Tour is part of Forcade Cigars’ complete renovation of the image of the Forcade brands and its best interest to support the diffusion of the tobacco culture in the United States.

MIAMI, FL.- (15 August 2011). Forcade Cigars today announced its first “Forcade Cigars Seminar US Tour”, a 2-hour event that instructs cigar aficionados and connoisseurs on the culture, internal details of the manufacturing and tasting of cigars. Claudio Sgroi, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing at Forcade Cigars and internationally renowned tobacco expert, will host the seminars that will visit top tobacco retailers nationwide providing valuable information applicable to cigar lovers and general audience with an interest on cigars.
The seminars will be held around the 50 states and will present easy-to-understand terms including technical information, and insider facts from the business and consumer angles of the industry, and will give attendees a solid foundation beyond the basics, transforming the smokers’ approach to cigar tasting in a new and attractive way.
Each stop of the tour will consist of:
-History of the origin and diffusion of the tobacco plant
-Cure and fermentation of tobacco
-The Art of Blending
-Construction of a cigar
2-Cigar Tasting:
-Taste, aroma and persistence
3-Pairing Cigars:
-Tasting by association
-Tasting by contrast

Claudio Sgroi, started working in the tobacco industry in the Dominican Republic in 2001, guided by the internationally famous master of tobacco Henki Kelner. After gaining valuable knowledge about tobacco production and cigar manufacturing, he moved to Geneva, where he was Cigar Stock Manager & Sales Assistant at the famous Davidof & Cie, in Switzerland. Then he was promoted to Davidoff Brand Manager at the International Tobacco Agency (ITA) in Treviso, Italy, title that he held for three years and six months, before he decided to move to the United States and work as a Director of National Sales and Consultant for local brands, now joining Forcade Cigars, as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing.
“Claudio has a deep experience in the tobacco field and cigar industry, during his stay in the Dominican Republic he acquired a unique knowledge and with these skills he has learned to charm all the attendees” said Chistrian Forcade, President of Forcade Cigars. “People talk a lot about how but not about why, I want to share my passion with all cigar aficionados adding something new in the way we approach cigars” added Claudio Sgroi, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing.
To host one of the “Forcade Cigars US Seminar Tour” dates please contact Claudio.sgroi@forcadecigars.com

The current generation of the Forcade family is passionately involved in the creation of wonderful cigars such as: Forcade, Giralda Natural and Giralda Maduro. Jaime García blends all the Forcade Cigars, which are handmade in Nicaragua at My Father Cigar Factory.
The history of Forcade Cigars dates back to 1887 when Thomas Novales migrated from Palma de Mallorca, Spain to Cabeza-Pinar Del Rio, Cuba, where he passed down his knowledge and dedication to the cultivation of tobacco to his four children. One of his daughters, Bienvenida Elena Novales, married Manolo Forcade and they dedicated their lives to the manufacture of quality cigars. The Forcade children and then grandchildren fell in love with the family business and together they were able to continue the company that their ancestors had created, assuring the quality and freshness of their fine cigars. The company is named after the Forcade Family, in memory of Manolo Forcade, who died at sea trying to escape Fidel Castro’s communist regime and to pursue his dream of continuing the Forcade tradition in the United States.
To learn more about Forcade Cigars please call: 305 233 5104 or email sales@forcadecigars.com.

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