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Press Release: Cigar Inn / Cigar Aficionado

by Bryan Glynn, August 2, 2011
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Press Release: Cigar Inn / Cigar Aficionado
A Tribute to Cigar Inn and Cigar Aficionado Members.

Dear Cigar Inn and Cigar Aficionado members and clients,

As of Thursday October 20th, 2011, Cigar Inn and Cigar Aficionado are pleased to announce the
completion of their recent tribute to their patrons. The owners of the
lounge have commissioned a 320 sq. ft mural for their Second Avenue
location representing approximately 200 different but familiar faces.
An artist was hired to come to the lounge on various days and
photograph the attending clients and then transcribe them onto canvas
in extensive panels. The mural depicts throngs of individuals
enjoying the timeless predilection for the subtlety and nuance of the
cigar. Cigar Inn and Cigar Aficionado wanted to
celebrate the people that came and joined them in mutual
appreciation of refined taste and quality.
Though the amount of clients Cigar Inn and Cigar Aficionado holds at most value could
never fit on a wall, the mural was commissioned as a symbol of the
unity they feel with the men they’ve had the privilege and pleasure
to share an exceptional cigar. So now Cigar Inn and Cigar Aficionado invites you to their
lounge once more, to relish in the bond that can only be formed over
the art of good cigars, coupled with the art of painting.
The event will take place at:
7 pm, Thursday October 20th, 2011
Cigar Inn
Cigar Aficionado Lounge
1016 2nd Ave (between 54th and 53rd streets).
All attendants will be welcomed with ordeurves, drinks, and 2
complimentary cigars from Nestor Miranda and La Aurora . To make this a memorable event La Aurora cigar Company will give a free Limited box
of Aurora Excepcionales“ La Isla Manhattan” Special size 54×6” Dark Wrapper for every La Aurora and Nestor Miranda box sold. For any questions,
please feel free to call
1(212) 750-0809.
1(212) 717-7403.
Thank You
Bass, Guss and Billy

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