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Daily Deals Postings Ending

by Bryan Glynn, June 17, 2011
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With a bit of sadness I regret to inform you all that I will no longer be posting daily updates of the various ‘daily deals’ for cigar buys. The reason is simple, but pisses me off.

When I started doing this, daily deals were just that – special, one day only deals that were usually a great buy, and a fantastic way for us to pickup new stuff we haven’t seen before, or were out of our price ranges at MSRP, or sometimes a great way to acquire a box of our favorites at a super price. The reasons to love it the way it was, are endless.

Unfortunately several things have happened in just the past year that have all but killed this kind of thing. First, some manufacturers have forbidden their lines to be sold on sale, such as Rocky Patel. Rocky Patel was for various reasons very popular as a brand to be featured on the deal sites. First of all, they are popular! Second, they are often overpriced MSRP and most people know it. Third, there are a crap load of blends out there, so just about everyone can find some to try that are new to them.

Another trend was that what was once a single deal for the whole day, was changed to a continuous stream of deals that changed by the hour or even minute, depending on stock. This obviously was intended to get people to keep coming back to a site throughout the day to see what was offered, but made it all but pointless to list them here other than a link to the site every day.

Lastly, and what is most common, is sites have stopped being diligent about the deals, often going days between updates, or simply not offering them anymore, some sites going offline all together after a few months run.

So bottom line, I was maintaining the postings for maybe 6-7 unique listings across all the sites, per week, the rest being the same update every day. So to make it easier and actually more relevant, I have simply added links to the active deal sites on the right of the site, although some still are not kept updated, and some still rotate constantly – you will just have to check yourselves to see what’s up on each.

I wish there weren’t so many restrictions on these kinds of deals, I miss looking every day at each to find something to buy. It seems to be about 20 different blends rotated around every site, and only a handful I would even want to smoke now.

Maybe if companies heard some support for the old deal pages things could change? Comment below and let me know what you think about it all.

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