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Cigar Survivor Gong Show #2, VOTE Day 4

by Bryan Glynn, May 5, 2011
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EDIT – I warned everyone before the contest that I’m monitoring. #3 has been disqualified and eliminated for cheating, creating a glut of fake accounts to vote for others today. The contest will resume at midnight, eliminating #3 by default.

Cigar Survivor Gong Show #2, DAY 4 – VOTE (Register on the site to vote)

Alright, almost 1/2 way through the entries! We’ve had some twists and turns, the choices are getting harder now. The rules are simple, cast your vote once per day for which entry you think should be ELIMINATED from the competition! Each day a new vote will be up until ‘There can be only one’! Here are this month’s entires in no particular order:



After 43 years the New Orlens Saints Won a Super Bowl, SuperBowl 44 against the the Colts. Needless to say New Orleans went wild that night partys lasted until dawn. the streets were crowded with Fans yelling ” Who Dat ” Attached is a pic of my wife smoking her first cigar. I beleive it was a Cigar.com Purple Label. Now my humidor is half full of her sticks 🙂

My first humidor

I have been a cigar smoker since over a decade now and when I started I was a teenager and knew very little about it except that I really liked the taste of them. I enjoyed a few puffs here and there but I wasn’t smoking on a regular basis until I spent a summer in Victoria, BC where I could easily get my hands on some quality sticks. I was buying a few of them at a time and soon needed a place to preserve them. At that time, I had very little money to spend on cigars and far from my budget was the idea of acquiring a humidor. So I decided to build one. Actually, I built two of them, one for myself and the other one for my younger brother, who is also a “cigaraholic” like his older brother…

I did not own too many tools for wood working so what you see there has been made with very little, mostly tools borrowed from my uncles. I “stole” some wood from those same uncles and I bought what I thought was the top of the line hygrometer hahaha! The humidification device is made from an old film canister and the rubber joint all around the lid is made from a mouse pad that I took apart and cut to size. It wasn’t the best humidor but sure prevented my precious sticks from drying!

To complete this story, I need to mention that a few years ago, thieves broke into my brother’s house (the brother that owns the other humidor of that same “vintage”!). They looked for hidden money and finally took off with my brother’s personal computer and this humidor that I had made. When the police showed up on scene, they found the computer and the humidor in the woods, not far from the property. I felt bad for my brother at the time but also secretly felt proud about the fact that this little box had been worth enough for them to try stealing it!!!

Hope you enjoyed the story!

This is a picture of my 160 pound brown Newfoundland Bruno

and I in the middle of winter in Portland, Maine. It was in the 20’s

but I was able to still enjoy this Montecristo Flor*Fina.

A winning combination: the Padilla Miami salomon, a great cigar and a glass of tawny port, one of the great cigar drinks. Cigars are one of my favorite photography subjects and Ernesto Padilla’s design for the Miami band is one of the all-time greats, in my opinion. So, it was an excellent candidate for a cigar still-life shot.

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