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Padron 1964 SI-15 Maduro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 3, 2011
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Padron 1964 SI-15 Maduro Cigar Review

This special edition 6×60 cigar is produced by Padron for and sold exclusively through SmokeInn.com to commemorate Smoke Inn’s 15th anniversary. Personally I can’t think of a better way to do it! These are a very limited edition run and I don’t mean in the way 99% of other ‘limited editions’ are. These really do have a very small production and from the time this video originally airs to it’s shipping date of April 18th, if you haven’t already pre-ordered through Smoke Inn you are likely to miss it. Smoke Inn is doing 4 of these partnered releases this year, the first of which was the Tatuaje Anarchy which in comparison had 4x as many made (and was a FANTASTIC cigar, watch my review of it). These are in appearance the same as any of the 1964 Anniversary cigars with perfect construction. Minimal veins, invisible seams, a dark brown satin wrapper with a bit of tooth, even firm construction and a very slight box press. The aroma is an oily rich tobacco and chocolate with a bit of pepper. First light reveals a medium-full body of rich oily chewy smoke with flavors of very smooth aged tobacco, a little bit of cocoa and a good pepper zing that holds on to the long finish. The first third develops to much the same flavors but yields the body down to a solid medium with about the same strength. It’s still very smooth and is dominated by the solid black pepper zing that caries through the finish. The burn isn’t razor sharp, but I’m not shocked because #1, I’ve only had it less than a week after shipping (but wanted to get the reviews out before it’s too late) and it’s a 60rg which are often hard to construct and blend for a perfectly even burn as most Padrons have had. The draw however is typical Padron, perfect with just the right touch of resistance for easy puffing and it’s putting out a huge amount of smooth smoke. 35 minutes in, still in the 1st third, flavors open up to a creamy, oily chocolate, coffee cocoa and earth, while the pepper dies down especially on the finish. 1 hour in at the 1/2 way point, strength is up to medium-full while body remains fairly tame for a Padron at medium. The blend is pretty much the same as the 1st third at this point, although the creamy chocolate has faded replaced by just a general earthiness. The last third brings a big creamy coffee flavor and the earthiness subsides. The finish is lighter although still long, and the strength is really building up at this point, well surpassing the body. Ending just over 2 hours where it began to get too hot for me, it proved to be a combination of the typical construction and blend of the 1964 series with the lesser body of the lower lines like the 4000. Thank you very much to SmokeInnCigars.com for including CigarObsession in the opportunity to try these rare treats, and congratulations on 15 years of success!


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