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Bolivar Royal Corona Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, January 18, 2011
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Bolivar Royal Corona Cigar Review

This 4 7/8×50 Cuban cigar features a dark tan wrapper with a slight red hue, minimal veins, almost invisible seams, a buttery leather feel and a rich aged tobacco aroma. First light reveals an almost unsmokeably tight draw putting out soft buttery aged tobacco smoke. The draw is so tight it’s like trying to suck an ice cube through a straw and in undoubtedly effecting the smoke and flavor. The first third continues to be a very hard draw, giving medium bodied flavors of a smooth buttery slightly sweet earthy leather with a short finish of a bit of earth and pepper. Near the end of the first third the draw suddenly opened up, but smoke output was minimal. After another 15 minutes it returned to normal with full flavors of deep earth and a slight leather with a heavy earthy and pepper finish with great smoke output and a perfect draw. 1 hour in to the band point, the smoke output has continued to improve while flavors mellowed out just a bit losing most of the deep earth and pepper, going a bit more smooth and buttery. Still predominantly a leathery earth flavor profile, the finish is smooth and short holding a slight earthiness as well. Ending at 1:25 where it got too hot for my taste, the end was very good and I only wish the first half was the same way. Thank you very much to viewer ‘John’ who generously sent this in for review, I do greatly appreciate the submission!

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