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Drew Estate Acid Blondie Belicoso Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, November 18, 2010
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Drew Estate Acid Blondie Belicoso Cigar Review

NOTE: OK I totally goofed on this and had the mic off for filming 🙁 This is why I ask for multiple samples just in case something goes wrong (usually it’s the cigar’s fault but *stuff* happens on my end too). Unfortunately though only one sample was sent, so you’ll have to make due with just a written review for now.

This 5×54 torpedo is of the blue line from Acid and is flavor infused.  It has a thin medium tan wrapper with just a bit of tooth, almost no veins and tight seams.  The aroma is unique.  Acid cigars are infused with oils, and this smells like something for Christmas.  Very herbally, like sweet potpourii, vanilla extract, sandalwood, etc.  First light reveals a great draw, plenty of light smoke and a very oily sweet flavor much like glycerin.  A bit of the potpourri flavor is there, but it’s mostly just sugar.  The first third develops in to just a good amount of syrupy sweetness and a touch of the sandalwood.  The finish is fairly long and overall it’s a medium body smoke.  Smoke production and draw are fantastic, both easy and plentiful.  25 min in at the 1/2 way point the flavors have changed to become a deep earth and wood, while the special flavors are still there but only come out on the long finish.  Finishing at 45 min to the nub, the last third was the same since the 1/2 way point.  Thank you very much to Thompson Cigars for generously sending this for review!

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