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Maribel Maduro Churchill Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 2, 2010
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Maribel Maduro Churchill Cigar Review

This stick appears to be a 7×48 with a dark brown slightly toothy rugged wrapper. Seams are good, veins are minimal and it puts off a smooth sweet aroma. First light reveals a very good draw on the loose side, plenty of medium bodied smooth smoke and a creamy smooth sweet tobacco taste with a long finish. Those flavors lasted all through the first third, changing to include a rich creamy textured coffee by the half way point 45 min in. The smoke absolutely pours out delivering oily creamy flavor through the long finish. The burn is excellent, almost razor sharp, but the ash only holds on for 1/2 inch at a time so you have to watch it. Ending the stick with 1 1/2 inches left because it got very hot, flavors continued unchanged to the end. Thank you very much to Joe a.k.a. CSMoFo for sending this for review! These are sold at a few stores around Miami and are available direct from the manufacturer: (305) 642-8219

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