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by Bryan Glynn, December 25, 2009
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EDIT – CONTEST CLOSED – Congratulations Danny Davis!

First and foremost thank you all for making this site a little part of your routines! Without all of you, there would be no point to all this!

It’s only been 9 months but finally, CigarObsession has hit the first milestone I consider significant – 100,000 unique visitors! About triple that in pageviews, but I’m most impressed with how many people come, not how many pages they look at.

I started this site to fill a nitch I saw on the net – video cigar reviews with only the viewer in mind. No rating, no personal opinion of ‘good/bad’. No subjectiveness, just the facts. All boiled down to the basics – how does it burn, what does it taste like? Every time I get a comment from someone thanking me for the reviews, I have to smile and it makes it all worth it! It’s not easy, but it’s a lot of fun, especially making all the new contacts with so many of you in the cigar world!

Even though no one in the industry was/is interested in sponsoring the site I am VERY grateful to my lone sponsor, Canishosting.com – I can’t give them enough props! I come from an IT background and have used dozens of different hosts over the years. Long story short they give me phenomenal service and performance at a very moderate cost. Being a professional photographer I go through many Gigabytes of data per month, and their servers blow everyone else in the price range away – it’s not even CLOSE. So if you ever need a web host – go with them – you will NOT regret it! I run multiple sites including this one on them, and also have many of my clients with them now.

To further celebrate this milestone I will be giving away a 5 pack of premium smokes to a random person that leaves a comment on this article. This will be open to anyone over the age of 19, anywhere in the world. The winner will be drawn just after the first of the year.

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