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A Year End Note From Illusione Cigars

by Bryan Glynn, December 22, 2009
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Fellow Tobacconists,

2009 is drawing to an end, and in the midst of the economic downturn, we’re surviving, and in some cases, growing both in business and as a family. I’d like to thank all of you for your ravenous support of the illusione brands. I’d also like to take this opportunity to re-affirm my commitment to keep illusione cigars small, manageable, and a protected brand in the future.

With the coming of 2010, I’ll be meeting with my reps, assessing the market value of the product, the brand identity, and the relationship with some of my retailers. We as tobacconists know that the sale of a cigar or brand goes beyond ratings and marketing. It’s up to passion of the individual retailer to sell a brand such as illusione. Sure, ratings and ad’s help, but it’s the involvement and relationship of the tobacconist and the client that makes all the difference in the world.

Being a retailer, I’ve practically made all of my box footprints in the 5 on 5 format. Many of you, as do I, appreciate companies that release product in this format. The 12 on 13 boxes take up a lot of space and are cumbersome, unless you have a 1000 square foot humidor, which many of us can’t afford the luxury to have. There are also brands in my humidor that practically sell themselves like Davidoff White Label, Tatuaje, and a few others. I go out of my way to carry everything within the line to give them a powerful presence, and as gratitude for making such an excellent product. I’ve also realized over the years that it takes 8-10 of anything to sell one beit, cigars, lighters cutters etc. Clients like variety and choice.

As of new releases coming in 2010, Nosotros – the cigar I blended At Drew estate will be released sometime in March. It is an excellent blend of the most flavorful and aromatic tobaccos that Nicaragua has to offer. As with all of my blends, power and balance walk hand-in-hand, and Nosotros is no different

In the spirit of the limited edition e c c j cigar I released last year, I will continue the LE series under the name illusione Singulare’. They will be a different blend and size each year, and will come in 15 count boxes, as did the e c c j. I will only make 1000 boxes each year. This LE cigar will not go to the retailers that spend the most money with illusione, but rather the retailers who spread a true and generous representation of all illusione brands in their humidor.

Thanks again for all of the comments both positive and constructive, and know that my staff and I are here for you, the Retailer – first and foremost.

Dion Giolito – illusione cigars

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