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Sep 23

More Shame! Apology Accepted. And Retracted!

Posted on Monday, September 23, 2013 in World of CO

Untitled-1There is obviously no shortage of assholes that steal my work, copy my style, plagiarize my words, etc. but this guy takes the cake (so far) for sleeze. He is quite obviously trying to use my own name to solicit cigars! One of the retailers he is now actively emailing, sent me what he is sending out and it’s reprehensible that he would be trying to link me to this! I’m reporting him to YouTube right now. Yet another college aged assclown thinking the world owes him everything on a silver platter it seems. Oh and he’s the latest that is trying to steal my lottery idea. How original. (more…)

Jul 18

I’m SO Glad To Be Home :)

Posted on Thursday, July 18, 2013 in World of CO


Out with the dirt, back to the Ocean!

This wraps up the 2013 IPCPR for me, I just rolled in the door…dumping data, unpacking, I have a huge stack of boxes filled with mostly lottery entries to process, thousands of pics to develop, hours of video footage to edit, and most of all I’m glad to be breathing cool humid air again! Overall I had a great show with some leads for photos, videos and collaborations, with a couple people that left messages about gigs I won’t have a chance to call back about for a day or two. Plus a ton of photo work, web work and some favors I’ll get started on in the morning.

IMG_3882I want to say a big thanks to friends I traveled with and saw at the show, some in person for the first time. Dave Blanco, Isabel Rivera, The Stogie Review & Halfwheel crews, Cigar Craig & his wife and all the wonderful vendors and clients that you guys will see featured shortly.  It was a pleasure and great to see friendly faces!

Jul 5

Shipping Oops And Thanks!

Posted on Friday, July 5, 2013 in World of CO

Untitled-1I got in an unmarked package that the post office destroyed – so thank you for the thought, whatever it was! And thank you to Morgan, winner of the last cigar lottery for sending back the bags, that really helps!!

Apr 3

The First Time This Happened To Me Ever & I Get Two! LOL

Posted on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 in World of CO

Maybe I should play the lottery…


Feb 2


Posted on Saturday, February 2, 2013 in World of CO

The mail just came….with more cigars…who thinks it’s a good day for a Cigar lottery Drawing?! :)

Mar 12

CO Sharing Contest 3 Winner!

Posted on Monday, March 12, 2012 in World of CO

Congratulations to Scott Hill, the winner of our third Sharing contest! Scott, get me your mailing info and your prize pack will go right out :)

Check back later for more fun contests and giveaways – and don’t forget to enter this month’s Cigar Lottery! Click the big button on the right for all the details!

Mar 6

Apologies to Joshua

Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 in World of CO

I want to apologize to Joshua, winner of the February lottery. He received the shipment but unfortunately some of the cigars were damaged in transit. I take full responsibility for not packing it adequately. Admittedly I have never shipped so many loose cigars before and packed them with bubble wrap and airbags as tight as I felt comfortable but obviously they settled enough to cause problems.

I will be taking much more appropriate measures for future shipments to make sure that never happens again.