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Mar 25

Garo Double Habano Toro Cigar Review

Posted on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 in Cigar Reviews

Garo Double Habano Toro Cigar Review

This 6×50 stick features a dark brown lightly packed mottled wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, a large double cap, silky soft feel and pungent hay and cocoa aroma. First light reveals (more…)

Mar 19

Edgar Hoill OSOK Desmadroso Cigar Review

Posted on Thursday, March 19, 2015 in Cigar Reviews

Edgar Hoill OSOK Desmadroso Cigar Review

This 7×52 salomon shaped stick features a firmly packed silky smooth dark chocolate mottled wrapper with small veins, tight invisible seams, triple cap and mild sweet cedar aroma. First light reveals (more…)

Mar 19

2nd Annual Cigars For Warriors Donation Dropoff

Posted on Thursday, March 19, 2015 in World of CO

A huge thank you again to everyone that donated to this year’s drive! Cigars For Warriors thanks you and most importantly you just made a crapload of troops very happy! See you again next year 😉

Mar 18

Truth In Advertising, In Our Beloved Cigar Industry

Posted on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 in Informational

Untitled-1The cigar industry as a whole is a benevolent, trustworthy, straightforward passionate lot. Filled with astounding personalities, deep generational ties, immense amounts of pride and fantastic work ethic. All working in tandem to produce some of the most enjoyable and coveted product on the planet to the most diverse range of consumers possible.

So when something shady starts happening and is allowed to creep in the back door, kept under the rug, growing by the year – it’s especially important to snuff it out. That’s what’s going on right now and for the last few years (at least) with the practice of certain retailers rebanding non-genuine manufacturer-made cigars. Cigars that are made using non-manufacturer tobacco, made at non-manufacturer facilities with a non-manufacturer blend – yet sold and labeled as genuine manufacturer goods. If you buy a Ford Mustang you expect a Ford engine, not a Chinese no-name. Yet that’s exactly what you get with a variety of branded cigars at some places right now.

This issue came to light and a head recently when one such occurrence was made so incredibly poorly, consumers opened up cigars purchased to discover the atrocious fillers inside, rather than what they were advertised and sold. Yet it had been going on for quite some time under the radar, just not bad enough to ring the alarm bells. Also to be clear, I have no problem whatsoever with anything being reblended or produced elsewhere AS LONG AS that information is clearly advertised. THAT is the crux of this entire issue. The lies to the consumer!

The point of this post is not to (more…)

Mar 18

2nd Annual CfW Donation Drive Final Update

Posted on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 in World of CO

Untitled-1The drive has ended with 3197 donated cigars! Awesome work guys, thank you so much for blowing away last year’s record setting drive!

This concludes the 2nd Donation Drive, and you bet it’ll return the same time next year as well :) Tomorrow I have an appointment with Cigar For Warriors to make the drop off and of course I’ll have that vid after I return as well with some words from the guys!

Thanks! (more…)

Mar 14

CO Herf 2.0 Live

Posted on Saturday, March 14, 2015 in World of CO

150107ig0004The show starts at 4pm EST for anyone that wants to watch lol! There will be the usual live chat but I have NO idea how much or who will be interacting – but the cam will be on till close lol! Lots of guys will be putting up videos from the Herf to the CO Fans group above too!

Mar 14

Guerrilla Warfare By Viva Republica Corona Cigar Review

Posted on Saturday, March 14, 2015 in Cigar Reviews

Guerrilla Warfare By Viva Republica Corona Cigar Review

This 5.25×43 stick features a firmly packed mottled dark chocolate wrapper with medium veins, tight seams, large double cap, butter smooth satin finish and pungent sweet cocoa aroma. First light reveals (more…)

Mar 13 is looking for College Basketball fans and Cigar Aficionados

Posted on Friday, March 13, 2015 in Informational is once again hosting a free contest to get in on some WICKED cool prizes worth thousands of dollars! Get your brackets in and good luck! (more…)

Mar 12

CO Herf 2.0 Instructions

Posted on Thursday, March 12, 2015 in World of CO

150107ig0004OK guys less than 48 hours to CO Herf 2.0!

For everyone attending – we are up to 14 people now and while there is plenty of space for us out back, parking will be a bit tight. The first few arrivals need to park next to me on the lawn. The next 4 can take the driveway, pull all the way up. After that just find space on the street, pulling up on the sidewalk.

If you guys want to coordinate what you are bringing you can do so here. I’ll be doing an epic 15 lbs. of pulled pork for samiches :)

We are a go for Livestream! Egor Rapoport generously is letting me use his account to stream! The link will be posted Saturday with a new post for everyone to watch and chat! No livestream this time – the last one greeted me with two pages of YouTube copyright matches because the mic was picking up the gazebo music. However, everyone there will be sharing videos in the CO Fans group so you can interact there with everyone! Click above if you aren’t already in!

I can’t wait!!

Mar 11

Visol Sharp Lines Chrome Cutter Charity Auction

Posted on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 in World of CO

Untitled-1EDIT: Congratulations to Steven Ayles! You won with a bid of $60!

Up for auction this week is a beautiful double guillotine highly polished chrome cutter from Visol. It’s spring loaded with a very smooth solid feel, excellent cutting performance and luxury look. Check out the review for all it’s details if you haven’t already. All net proceeds as usual go to the ASPCA! This ends midnight Tuesday 3/17/15 EST. Bidding starts at $10, min $1 increments. This is open worldwide.

Good luck! (more…)

Mar 9

2nd Annual CfW Donation Drive Update 15

Posted on Monday, March 9, 2015 in World of CO

Untitled-1If you are donating and your package is NOT in the mail by Tuesday, DO NOT send anything for this drive, you can send anything you like direct to Cigars For Warriors past this point.

We are up to 2991 in so far! I’ll be doing these updates as I get similar size batches in all the way to the end!

Last year we had a tremendous turnout obliterating the record books, and I think we can do it again this year!

Now through March 15th I will be collecting any and all cigar donations that will be dropped off to Cigars For Warriors! Anything is appreciated, even the super cheap smokes. What they do is send out very balanced care packages and since many over there are new smokers they need a lot of lower end stuff to fill in!

As usual I will be doing weekly update vids showing everything that came in and then will drive up with the bounty for the final turn in tally vid with them again :)

Thanks! (more…)

Mar 9

General Cigar Sent Me a Trademark Violation Letter

Posted on Monday, March 9, 2015 in World of CO

Today I received and responded to what boiled down to a cease and desist Trademark Violation letter from General Cigar, for my Cigar Art involving their frontmarks, which is now just a portfolio here on the site. Since it’s not worth a penny to me to fight, I gave in and stopped offering the artwork for sale.

So as a result I am no longer supporting in any way, General Cigar. No more reviews of their products (unless one accidentally slips by because I didn’t realize it was under their umbrella), no more press releases, no more accepting them for advertising.

To be crystal clear I am not advocating consumers do anything. I am simply informing you of what I am personally doing regarding the site.

So there’s a big warning to anyone producing and selling anything with Brands/Logos such as any other kind of artwork, clocks, guitars, collages with bands, etc.