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This lottery is ran by The CO Facebook group, with Bryan’s help. Please do not contact him with questions. If you have a question or input, please contact either Brady Burlsworth or Sak Mcl at the addresses below.

Brady –
Sak –


This is going to be completely user driven, kind of like the Lotto. However it doesn’t involve money or purchasing tickets with money, instead you are donating to the collective prize pool to enter!

Unlike the previous lottery, where you would send in your cigars, this time you will be commenting with the sticks and size that you want to contribute and shipping them DIRECTLY to the winner. (Example: La Gloria Cubana Charlemagne – 7.3 x 54). 2 cigars per entry, max of 1 entry. The winner will be chosen by a 3rd party who has volunteered and IS NOT participating in the lottery at the end of every month (If you would like to volunteer for this duty, please email Brady or Sak). He will generate a random number and that numbered comment will win. The winner will post his address, and everyone must ship their 2 cigars to them within 3 weeks and post tracking information. If you do not ship the cigars, or cheat in any other way, you will be BLACKLISTED from future lotteries.


When shipping cigars, it’s ok to use baggies as long as they are packed tight enough so they don’t roll around enough to be damaged. If however you have had any stored too dry, do not include any humidification, just ship them as-is. Use a small box. If you already have a box you can ship them for under $4 just about anywhere. I also like the flat rate priority mail boxes, they are about $5 good to go. Stuff the box enough so nothing moves around and has some cushion if need be. Protect the cigars from moving around in short. Use delivery confirmation.


-NO CUBANS! We’re keeping this rule, mainly to stay out of legal trouble and to avoid fakes.
-All participants must be 18+ years of age and reside in the US.
– Full-sized Cigars, ONLY, no cigarillos.
– NO GURKHA. Too many people were flooding the lottery with the very common cheap Gurkhas included in various samplers. Nothing against the brand we just need variety, this isn’t a dumping ground.
– Name brand, banded cigars only – no no-name, off-brand store bundle-only or house blends.

CLICK HERE for the current Lottery!