co_shirtBelow are the archived and upcoming show schedules. Click each one to view the past show or participate in a live session!

Live shows feature interactive chat, but only from a desktop or laptop. Mobile devices can only view the video (Google is working on it).

If you would like to see your favorite industry name on a show, email them and let them know!


Beta Test
Solo Production Test
Solo Production Test
With Juan Panesso of Cigars Direct Thr 1/16/14 9pm
With David Blanco of Blanco Cigars Sat 2/1/14 2pm
With Barry Stein of Miami Cigar & Co Sat 2/15/14 2pm
With Azarias & Emille Mustafa of Córdoba & Morales Cigars Thr 2/20/14 9pm
With Gary Griffith of Emilio Cigars Sat 3/1/14 2pm
With Arielle of La Sirena Cigars Thr 3/6/14 9pm
With Michael Giannini of Foundry Cigars Thr 3/20/14 9pm
With Scott Weeks of Iconic Leaf Cigar Co Thr 4/3/14 9pm
With Felix & Benny of Felix Assouline Cigars Thr 4/17/14 9pm
With Dave Blanco of Blanco Cigars Thr 5/15/14 9pm
Solo Answering Viewer Questions Sat 6/7/14 2pm
With Chaim Kohn of Cigar Oasis Thr 9/4/14 8pm
Impromptu 9/15/14
Impromptu 9/19/14
Impromptu 9/24/14
Solo 10/2/14 9pm Eastern
Impromptu 11/3/14 6pm EST
Impromptu 11/25/14 4:30pm est
Impromptu 12/7/14
Impromptu 12/20/14
Impromptu 12/28/14
On Location with Dave Blanco of Blanco Cigars 1/7/14 6pm est
Impromptu 1/10/15
Wed 1/21/15 Jack Torano of Roberto Duran Cigars 9pm
With Jason Woods of Miami Cigar & Co. 2/25/15
Impromptu 3/29/15
With Jack Torano & Miguel Schoedel of Roberto P. Duran Cigars Wed. 4/15/15 9pm
With Robert Spoden of Bucanero Cigars Sat. 5/2/15 2pm
With Joel Marrero of Marrero Cigars Thr. 5/7/15 9pm
Impromptu 6/12/15
With Dave Blanco of Blanco Cigars Fri 6/19/15 9pm Eastern
Impromptu 6/23/15
7/9 9pm Marrero Cigars
Impromptu 7/18/15
Impromptu 8/5/15
CO First Third Cigar Launch 9/12/15 7pm
With Jason Holly of Viva Republica Cigars
Q&A Session
With Jack Torano of Duran Cigars 10/22/15 9pm
With Matt Hunt of FQ Cigars 11/5/15 9pm
Pre Turkey Day Desert Edition 2
With Nicholas Meillio of Foundation Cigar Co. 12/3/15 9pm
Cigar Oasis
2/18/16 9pm Cigars For Warriors
Impromptu 2/26/16 7pm
Thr April 21st 9pm Dave Blanco of Blanco Cigars
Thr April 28th 9pm Joel Marrero of Marrero Cigars
Thr May 5th 9pm Abe Dababneh of SmokeInn
Thr May 26th 9pm Jack Torano of Duran Cigars
Sun 7/31 4pm est w/ Blanco Cigars
8/31/16 Impromptu
9/24/16 Impromptu
Sat 10/22/16 9pm w/ Scott Weeks of Iconic Leaf Cigars
12/15/16 9pm w Robert Caldwell of Caldwell Cigar Co
12/21/16 9pm w David Blanco of Blanco Cigars
1/26/17 9pm w Miguel Schoedel of Duran Cigars & Jack Torano of Torano Cigars
1/31/17 CigarsForWarriors Donation Drive Update 1
2/7/17 9pm CO/CigarsForWarriors Update 2
2/9/17 Thr 9pm w Joel Marrero of Marrero Cigars
Tue 2/21 9pm Great Smoke Recap & CfW Update 3
Sat March 4th 9pm CO Cigars Launch Party w/ David Blanco
4/6/17 Thr 8pm w David Blanco of Blanco Cigars
Thr May 25th 9pm w/ Abe Dababneh of SmokeInn

Thr June 29th 9pm w/ Matt Hunt of FQ Cigars

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