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Aug 29

Next CO Live Thursday Sep. 4th 8pm EST

Posted on Friday, August 29, 2014 in World of CO

co_shirtNext CO Live Thursday Sep. 4th 8pm EST

Next Thursday at 8 Eastern, I will be featuring Chaim Kohn of Cigar Oasis, for a couple hours of smokes and Q&A! Go ahead and leave any questions you have here, and of course we’ll be taking them live – plus freebies for show participants!

Click here to join the show when it’s live.

You must be on a laptop or desktop to participate in the live chat, otherwise you can just view the show.

Aug 26

$250 Gold Cigar Contest

Posted on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 in World of CO


OK here’s a unique one for you! Enter to win a $250 Gold Cigar from Daniel Marshall! Yep, you can smoke (or keep and display) this beauty and impress your jealous buddies :) There are tons of ways to qualify for this one, and it runs for a few extra days than normal – plus you can tweet once a day for even more entries.

Comment below with what you would do with this if you won, then use the app to enter. Must be of legal smoking age and have a US mailing address to qualify.

Good luck! (more…)

Aug 26

Love These Stats!

Posted on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 in World of CO

General Cigar is compiling blog stats for potential banner ads next year and I figured I’d share the cool numbers with you guys too while I’m looking at them! I don’t watch them much, I know they go up every year but I really don’t care exactly how much, it is what it is. But it had been quite a while since I did, and I was impressed lol!


Aug 18

Daniel Marshall Box of Cigars Contest

Posted on Monday, August 18, 2014 in World of CO

110327_016EDIT: From now on starting next week, those that can’t read the simple instructions are just disqualified without notice. No more hints or second chances to answer correctly. It’s not hard and 99% of people get it right.

This week we have a special treat, a box of DM2 Red Labels Robustos from Daniel Marshall! Looks for reviews of his line in the future but for now you can snag these all for yourself! Or maybe a REAL good buddy…or not…

Anyway just another easy to enter gig this week, leave a comment below with what you would like to see new in cigars next year that would be super cool! Then use the app to enter, lots of easy entries to be had :)

Entrants must be of legal smoking age and have a US mailing address.

Good luck, ends in a week! (more…)

Aug 17

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge…NOT

Posted on Sunday, August 17, 2014 in World of CO

Untitled-3I’ve seen a TON of videos this week of people dumping water on their heads. So far no donations or true ice buckets other than celebrities on TV or big internet videos like Bill Gates. Frankly unless you are someone important, your video doesn’t matter (me included of course). Only donations do. So here’s my challenge video. Donate and post that instead. And for everyone that’s does a lame-ass pail of water and says it’s ice…you have to do it over twice the right way now! ;)

Aug 11

Small Cigar Assortment Contest

Posted on Monday, August 11, 2014 in World of CO

140808ddtr0001-EditEDIT: Sorry guys I goofed! I got my contests mixed up (no more three at once, lesson learned) and sent out THIS prize to another guy. So I’ll swap the prizes, now THIS one will be for the 20 cigar super-sampler and shirt!

This week it’s a big assortment of ‘small cigars’ and a CO tshirt! There are 5 different boxes here to give away, one each of the StogieBoys Dulce Dominicana – Cherry, Cream Coffee & Tropical Rum. Plus two tins of cigarillos from Drew Estate.

Comment below with how long you typical have to smoke when you enjoy a cigar, then use the app to enter. Entrants must be of legal smoking age and have a US mailing address. Ends in a week, good luck! (more…)

Aug 1

Summer Fun Fundraiser THANK YOU!

Posted on Friday, August 1, 2014 in World of CO

THANK YOU so much to all the 234 people that contributed a grand total of $6020 to my project and to all the very cool site sponsors that are donating the prizes to those I drew from the contributor list!

After shipping expenses, fees and tax that put a nice $4.5k dent in the bike cost! I have 50 items to give away and used to go through the list of separate $20 contributions to pick the names. It took quite a while because of the duplicates that kept coming up but it’s done and below you will find the winner’s names! I just did first name last initial for privacy’s sake. I don’t believe we had any duplicates in that format so if you see your info it’s probably you :) As promised I will be emailing each person (the email you had on file with PayPal so check it!!) in order, with the list of what’s still available so everyone can choose what they like, give me shipping info and out it goes! For those that were selected multiple times, you will see a multiplier by your name, so you can choose multiple items when it’s your turn. (more…)

Jul 31

Shopping List Contest

Posted on Thursday, July 31, 2014 in World of CO

Untitled-1EDIT: VOTE TIME! Upvote your favorite lists, the winner will be chosen Monday morning!

Here’s another contest, I just felt like doing another one and to celebrate blowing past the 25,000 subscriber mark :) This will be for a super sampler of cigars (20) plus a CO t-shirt!

To enter you have to make an awesome shopping list then use the app below. What does the list consist of you ask? Your best $500 worth of cigar stuff! You have an imaginary budget of $500 to spend. It can be all cigars, cigars and swag, whatever you think is the most awesome score! It has to be from internet retailers, any you wish – just normal stores, not auctions since those prices fluctuate.

You must format your entry as follows:
Item name, price, link
Item name, price, link

The entry period will end (more…)

Jul 21 Plug

Posted on Monday, July 21, 2014 in World of CO

twowheelobsessionFor those interested, my latest new project has just launched :) is the culmination of many experiments, trials & errors and ideas that I have run through over the years. It’s going to be a very fun site to watch grow for I hope both myself and my viewers! I have quite a list of big plans for it taking things in a few branching directions, so here’s my one and only plug for it to you!

Yes I’ll be tying other things in as well such as cigars & photography so you might see a cross post or mention every now and again, but I promise it will always be relevant.

It’s going to feature motovlogs (video from the riders perspective) with exceptional quality. Tips, tricks, how-to’s and of course lots of off-topic discussions, for those that missed HLO ;) I’ll be taking you around the Tampa Bay area on some tours, visiting some stops including cigar lounges now and again, plus much, much more. I’m also gearing it to be a hub for the existing motovlogging community, so anyone will be able to find some new exciting channels to watch as well.

A huge THANK YOU to those that have contributed so far to the bike fund, yes there are 10 days left for the drive but I couldn’t pass up a fantastic deal and rebates on the bike, so I had to strike early. As it stands it’s going to be garaged for the next week anyway, as that pressing need threw my timetables all off, and all the other gear I ordered for the project hasn’t arrived quite yet. Now I REALLY look forward to sending out a ton of goodies in a little over a week!

I worked all night getting the new site up and ready, editing the first few videos, fleshing out more plans and ideas…I’m excited, it’s going to be a very fun ride (pun intended)!

Jul 15

Contest – USB Drive, & Pin & Shirt OR 5-Pack

Posted on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 in World of CO

IMG_5044This week I have another Camacho USB Drive & Pin set, plus your choice of either a CO Shirt OR a custom CO 5-Pack sampler!

To enter comment below with what the best cigar you have had in the last 6 months was!

Then use the app below to enter.

You can tweet once a day for extra points.

Entrants must be 18+ and have a US mailing address. Good luck! (more…)

Jul 15

Easier To Find Informational Posts

Posted on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 in World of CO

Untitled-1A viewer tonight said it was difficult to find the tips, tricks, how-to’s and other such stuff here so I made it easier. I added a new category, put all the press releases off by themselves and put all the info posts in it’s own section. Now all you need to do is click the category down on the left, or send it to someone that could benefit.

Jul 8

Cigar Oasis Promo Vids Are Up!

Posted on Tuesday, July 8, 2014 in World of CO

Untitled-1I was watching for the new website, but didn’t notice that Cigar Oasis had already put up the new product and company promo vids I made for them, on their YouTube channel! For those wondering and asking, these have nothing to do with me personally or CigarObsession. Everything was scripted, just a straight gig. Check them out here: