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Jan 24

CO Live Herf-Cam

Posted on Saturday, January 24, 2015 in World of CO

co_shirt-187x187I have no idea how interesting this feed will be, but when everyone gets here for this afternoon’s herf at the CO Studio, I’ll throw up a live feed :) I do have one fun surprise planned, we’ll see who’s MAN enough for it ;) I hear a poker tournament is in order, and of course the ribs are on the smoker…stay tuned, I’ll throw up the video feed when it’s live!

EDIT: Shows over, herf’s done!

Jan 21

Hammer & Sickle Crystal Ashtray Charity Auction

Posted on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 in World of CO

10838706_476387979166022_1894202782_nFirst of all congratulations to user ‘kia’ with a winning bid of $220 on last week’s Padron Lighter!

Up for grabs this week courtesy of Hammer & Sickle Cigars is a beautiful HEAVY crystal ashtray. If has the engraving on the bottom, two generous side slots for cigars, a deep ash well and a crisp facet cut side design.

Bidding on this starts at $30 just to cover shipping and is US only. All net proceeds will as usual go to the ASPCA! Comment below here on the site with your bids in $1 minimum increments, the auction closes midnight next Tuesday the 27th est.

Good luck! (more…)

Jan 19

30k+ YouTube Subs Contest!

Posted on Monday, January 19, 2015 in World of CO


To celebrate another milestone, over 30k YouTube subscribers today, it’s time for another giveaway! Up for grabs will be a custom CO sampler and a couple goodies for good measure :) All you have to do is comment below with what cigar first pops in to your head when you think of them – first thing, don’t think about it. Then use the app below to enter.

Entrants must be of legal smoking age and have a US mailing address. Good luck! (more…)

Jan 15

First CO Herf Signup

Posted on Thursday, January 15, 2015 in World of CO

IMG_0300OK to celebrate the new digs, I’m having a herf for the fans! I have no idea how many people will want to or be able to come so I’ll do a signup here on the site. Comment below if you will be coming FOR SURE and I’ll put your name in. I’ll be providing the BBQ and cigars, you BYOB and a snack or side to share with the group. I’ll cap it at 15 people if we get that far and maybe have another later if response is that big.

This one is next Saturday Jan 24th starting at 4pm! I’ll have a live stream going so everyone else can watch too lol

5318 Bob White Dr.
Holiday FL 34690

Current Attendees:
1 Ben Miller
2 Joshua Taylor
3 John Corrigan (knight)
4 Alex Casto
5 Philip Wolf
6 Love Lace

Jan 15

Padron 50 Years ST Dupont Lighter Charity Auction

Posted on Thursday, January 15, 2015 in World of CO

141121light0003-EditEDIT: This auction is CLOSED. Congratulations to user ‘kia’ with a winning bid of $220!

First of all thank you to user ‘Baccula’ for winning last week’s auction for the gorgeous black Daniel Marshall humidor, and thank you to Daniel Marshall Cigars for sending it in to review!

He won it for $275 and after shipping $251 went to the ASPCA! I accidentally clicked the monthly donation instead of one-time! I had to call and get that switched LOL

Up for auction this time we have a beautiful Padron 50 Years custom ST Dupont lighter and thank you once again to who sent this in for review a while back. They have definitely given everyone great deals so check them out for all your lighter needs!

Thank-You!-1This is a white a gold accented single torch lighter with a custom leather pouch with a magnetic gift case. Bidding starts at $10 to cover shipping and this is open worldwide since it’s not tobacco and is small. Comment here with your bid!

As usual $1 minimum increments and it ends next Tuesday at midnight est. (more…)

Jan 14

CigarObsession Studio 3.0 Reveal

Posted on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 in World of CO

IMG_0300After weeks of hard work and just over $4,000 the new backyard, and with it new CO Studio 3.0 is revealed! I really didn’t WANT to do this project, but here at the end I’m very glad I did. I lost some storage space (mostly the wife’s crap lol) but gained 5x the usable outdoor living area! I put together a little history slideshow and video montage with a talk through so you can see what I’ve been encumbered with since Thanksgiving!

Jan 14

Cigar of the Month Club Listings

Posted on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 in World of CO

Spurred by an idea I had for the Fan Page, I have added a comprehensive comparison listing for the Cigar of the Month clubs out there. It will be updated as more are known or details change! The link is up in the menu too.

Jan 12

Thank You Dave Ryder!

Posted on Monday, January 12, 2015 in World of CO

Thank-You!-1A big thank you to Dave Ryder, winner of the first charity auction, snagging the sweet AVO Cigars custom Record/MP3 player sound system for $500! It was a beast and with packing and insurance it was $77 to ship out to AZ, so that left $423 to go to the ASPCA!! This week’s ends in two days, and I’ll definitely have at least a couple more right after that so stay tuned!


Jan 12

ALMOST There!! New Studio Coming!

Posted on Monday, January 12, 2015 in World of CO

IMG_0274The light at the end of the tunnel is so close I can taste it lol! After 6 weeks of work from a leaking Florida room and porch to what you see and more…CO Studio 3.0 is almost ready to launch :) I’ll do a little tour vid of course when it’s ready…there’s about 2 hours of work left total then it’s go time :) New props, new digs, new year :)

Jan 7

Daniel Marshall Ambiente Black Humidor Charity Auction

Posted on Wednesday, January 7, 2015 in World of CO

Untitled-1EDIT: This auction is closed, congrataluations to ‘baccula’ winning for $275!

Rather than have things set here gather dust I thought it would be a great idea to raise money for my personal favorite charity, the ASPCA. I’m a huge animal lover and anything I can do to help with their protection and care I’m up for. So just like I did with the ALS challenge, I want to donate 100% of the proceeds from this to them. The first auction had a great enthusiastic response, so here’s the 2nd one!

Comment below with your bid. This will end at midnight, Tue, 1/14/15. Bidding starts at $20 to cover shipping. $1 min increments. Shipping to US only. (more…)