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Bad Presents For Your Kids Contest

by Bryan Glynn, December 21, 2017
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So in the spirit of the hilarious Jimmy Kimmel vids, I want to do one for CO Fans! Give your kid(s) a horrible, mean ‘present’ this year and video the reaction (Kids can’t fake it so don’t even try lol)! Then by midnight Dec 27th send me the file. You can use a Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Dropbox or any other file sharing service. Just send the share link to bryan@bgpictures.com and I’ll collect them. They will be put in a special montage video for everyone to see on the 28th. AND this is a contest! My buddy Joe Churchill will be picking the best one and I’ll but the winner a box (or 20 singles) of cigars of your choice, up to $250, from cigarandpipes.com 🙂

This is US only as the prize will be shipping from Cigarandpipes.com

So in short:
1) Film a horrible gift reaction
2) Send me the file by Dec 27th midnight
3) Best one wins up to $250 in cigars on the 28th

By submitting your videos you give me the right to include it in one of mine.

Good luck!

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