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SmokeInn Saturday Cigar Contest 30

by Bryan Glynn, July 8, 2017
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Welcome back for another SmokeInn.com Cigar Contest! Click HERE https://www.smokeinn.com/Smoke-Inn-Saturday-Cigar-Contest/  for this week’s selection possibilities and comment on YouTube with your 5 picks for what you would like if you win – simple as that! Open worldwide to anyone of legal smoking age in your area. Entries are open through Friday at noon, then watch next Saturday for the next round and winner announcement!

  • Richard Trank

    It takes me a bit of time To look-up ‘n drool, work though the sampler lists and My local B&M* to see whats not duplicated this. And beloved already hads. The listed A.F. classic, one of my (Adult) cigar firsts along with a The Griffins Prestige- recommended by and purchased at Mecca East, i.e. David P. Ehrlich’s place in Bean Town: “Americas Oldest Tobacco Shoppe”. (this was in the pre X days when the Hemingway line itself typically sold off before they hit the shelves. I bring this up because our own Bellingham B&M, *The Senate Smoke Shop” has announced it is closing shop in October because of the FDA Tobacco Blend scare. I welcome any arguments that might help me dissuade the proprietor. I do recommend the Classic to all the others that might bother to read this!
    Whats my favorite? Well, that ?tion like my occasional yet enduring fondness for Frank Zappa where every album is completely different than the last.. I love the whole catalog..

    The Sindacto Maduro Corona…this has me in suspense for intense
    The Laranja Reserva…..to cheer my Brassilain wife
    The Bella Artes Short Churchill…sounds like mouth candy
    The Flor De Las Antillas Belicoso…they have dared to depart from the previous.enTouche F.A.!
    The A.B. Tempus Nicaraguan Terra Nova..,.”Drop me, kick me sweet Jesus through the goal posts of life!”

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