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How To Spot A Fake Cohiba

by Bryan Glynn, May 2, 2017
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This is REAL. Photo by Dave Suppa

Fake Cohiba cigars are produced in huge quantities, sold all over the world to people who don’t know any better. If you did not purchase them directly from an authorized store yours is most likely fake. One sure fire way to tell is to closely examine your band. If it varies in ANY way from the example above, you have a fake.  You need to look at every detail for differences, anything different means it’s fake, period. Some are far better than others (the older band design is much less common these days, this only applies to the design pictured).

Look at the sharpness of all edges especially the white squares. Note the spacing and amount of black space. Look at the placement of the head and white border. Note how the bottom point only touches the right square, not the left. Note how the chin is sharp and goes just above two squares with a slight space. Look at the consistent, sharp white border along the head outline. Look at the sharp clear hologram lettering at the top and bottom. Note the hologram rings and inner head on the large head design. Look at the size and thickness of the word COHIBA. Note the lineup of elements such as the placement of C in Cuba to the letter I in COHIBA. Note the spacing, thickness and exact font of Habana, Cuba. EVERYTHING must be good for yours to be real, period.

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