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ASUS Strix 1080ti vs 1070 Benchmarks And Overclocks – CO Guy Stuff

by Bryan Glynn, April 14, 2017
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ASUS Strix 1080ti vs 1070 Benchmarks And Overclocks – CO Guy Stuff – Here are synthetic, gaming, productivity and VR benchmark results between the top of the line 1070 and 1080ti cards – both ASUS Strix OC versions, both further max overclocked to the limits.

  • Kyle Mackey

    Perfect timing. I am trying to decide which 1080ti to go with for my full rebuild with 7700K for 2k Gaming. Im thinkg Strix OC, MSI Gaming X, or FTW3. Thanks for the info.

    • Unless you need to maintain 144fps, any are overkill at 2k by FAR lol

      • Kyle Mackey

        That’s basically what I’m seeing from all my research. Would you mind telling me which monitor you’re using. I recently learned that I need an actual gaming monitor as i’ve been playing on a 27in IPS 7ms 60hz like a peasant and am looking into the ROG 27 in 2k TN or IPS monitors. The 34 Ultrawide from ROG looks so good but its a decent amount more and less refresh rate.

        • Refresh rate is only important if you are playing competitive multiplayer FPS games. I don’t, and am more than happy at 60Hz using vsync. I use a Dell 34″ Ultrasharp. Accurate color is most important to me. It has a fast 5ms response time though and is great for gaming.

          • Kyle Mackey

            Awesome, i bet it looks amazing. I hadn’t seen any of your other tech build vids, for some reason. Keep em coming!

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