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CO Goes To Great Smoke 2017

by Bryan Glynn, February 19, 2017
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A huge thank you to Abe and the whole crew at SmokeInn.com for having me and a table for CO Fans at The Great Smoke 2017!  It went off perfectly with dozens of cigar celebs mixing with the attendees, everyone got a HUGE bag of cigars and goodies, entertainment was off the chain and from what I hear the food was awesome (I was good – damn you Weight-Loss Challenge)!  They also had a spectacular wine beer & spirits selection, of which I sampled some fantastic Scotch, whiskey and bourbons!  I made a few new connections and hopefully sparked some new interest in CO Live for a few future guests 😉  Everyone should try to attend the next one, it’s the bargain of the year hands-down, for cigar lovers!

  • Will Malven

    What brand was that big, beautiful senorita in the bikini advertising? Couldn’t quite make out the name on the logo. 🙂

    • Will Malven

      Got it! Nestor Miranda…their ad is on your website.

  • David Byers

    I feel happy for you guys in the USA. Here in Australia we pay at least 3 times what you do for cigars. The government has laws so that the bands have to be replaced with plain olive green government bands. Shops are not allowed to have cigars on display, they must be kept behind steal sliding doors. If one would like to buy a box of cigars they must be taken out of their box and placed into an olive green government bags with a photo of some poor chap dying on cancer on it!

    Not only would an event as you see in the above video, with different manufacturers showing their stuff, not be allowed, the general public hate cigars as they are a success statement!

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