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CO And TWO Gets A New Roof

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Well, it was time (past time according to insurance lol) for a new roof.  What started as a semi-cheap recover for a few grand escalated quickly to EVERYTHING as layers were opened up.  It was really bad all the way down to the original construction of 1971.  No ventilation, tree branches for decking, holes, rot, you name it.  NOW I have a top of the line dimensional shingle with 5/8″ OSB, new trim, metal work and THREE ridge vents that will really help keep things cool in the summer, which used to bring the attic space to 130 deg+!  In the end I think it was worth it.  I will never have to do anything with it again and there will be a ton of life left in it whenever we sell.  Hit up 727 Roofing if you need work in the Tampa/St. Pete area and tell um CigarObsession sent ya for a great deal!

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